Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And yet another posting

I feel like a London bus. :)
Had a great time at Chelmsford EG on Monday night.
They really are a very friendly bunch and all pulling in the same direction. Thanks mainly due to the lovely Nickie who is the Chairman and her excellent committee.
Sharne has put some photos up on the Chelmsford EG Facebook page. She is always snapping away with her camera wherever she goes. I try to avoid her but still she seems able to catch me unawares. Makes me realise that resolution number two is not yet taking effect. *LOL*

Also had another invite to another exhibition from the group that Diane is a member of:

two continents

Again, I know a few of the people in this group so I know it will be another one worth going to see.
Take a look at the Material Girls blog here and the website here.


Heather said...

Thanks for the links which I will definitely check out, but sadly live too far away to visit in person.

Miriam Weaver said...

Hope you can make it I know it's quite a journey for you, but it would be lovely to see you there! Sharne does manage to get us always on our best side doesn't she?

dianehobbit said...

I thought that I had missed the camera, but alas NO! Thank you for mentioning our exhibition on your blog. Hope you can make it.