Saturday, January 21, 2012


I’m shattered. Had a great day at Southend EG today. We were only a small group but it was brilliant. Everyone was so eager to learn and really pleased with what they had achieved. Couldn’t have asked for more.

After seeing some of my samples at Chelmsford EG on Monday evening Diane left a comment on here saying that “I could spend a whole week on a textile retreat with you and not get bored with all your fabulous techniques”.
Little did she know that I will be teaching a week long Summer School at Missenden Abbey from 5 – 10th August this year. The brochure is out now and can be downloaded from here if you are interested.

I thought I would also let you know about two of the two day workshops I will be teaching at ArtVanGo.
The first is on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th March. Its ‘Scrim, Screens & Scrappy Bits’ – a two day version of the two hour taster workshops I will be teaching at Textiles in Focus.

And the second one on Tuesday July 31st and Wednesday August 1st is ‘Fabulous Surfaces’ with some of the techniques and extended techniques from the book – of the same name, in case you were unaware. :))

And in case you miss me at any of these I will also be at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch show at the NEC from 22nd to 25th March demonstrating and showing some of my work and will once again be giving a free workshop, organised by Kim Thittichai, on each of the four days.

I’ll remind you of all of these nearer the time. :)

Tomorrow is the party, 6 adults, four young children, a two hour drive and Lottie has insisted that I play ‘pass the parcel’ with her, which is OK as long as I win – I’m a bad loser. :)

And here is something else I have been playing with. Looks very much like ‘scrumpling’ but is something totally different. No stitching and no steaming involved. You just need a scrap of fabric, an iron, Bondaweb and a scrap of something else. :)

laceLace fabric
polyvelvetPolyester VelvetdupionSilk dupion

The second of the free online lessons for 'Fabulous Surfaces' is now available on the d4Daisy website.


Miriam Weaver said...

Oh Lynda you are such a temptress! Have a good time tomorrow, hope you win pass the parcel, an adult throwing a tantrum is not a pretty sight!

Doreen G said...

I suppose your husband will have to make an appointment to see you soon with all the workshops that you are doing.I always knew you would be a success once you got going.

Singer said...

Enjoy the birthday party and the games. Love those new samples.
Enjoying the Fab Surfaces extras.
Jean S

Heather said...

I'm shattered just reading about it all! The workshops sound fabulous and I love your mysterious samples - gorgeous textures.
Going to take a look at the second free online lesson, even though I haven't had time to try the first one yet.
Don't work too hard!

Maggi said...

You certainly sound like you ahve an exhausting schedule. Hope you won 'pass the parcel'. Can't make the workshops but will be at the NEC. And I think I have cracked the 'scrap of something else'!