Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saturday January 4th 2014
The main reason for this post is to let you know that this Saturday, January 4th, some friends and I will be at the ArtVanGo studios playing with collagraphs on a Major-George Printing Press, a Lino Press, Big Shot and my newest Thermofax machine - an A3 one.
And why? Because apart from the Thermofax the other things haven't been used as yet and I want someone to give me a kick start and in some cases, show me how to use them properly.
We'll be there from when the shop opens at 9.30 and it would be great if you also wanted to come along even if it's only for ten minutes or a couple of hours. You can watch what is going on, join in the chat and you would be more than welcome to have a go if you feel inclined. And then of course there is the shop to browse in - need I say more. What could be better on a cold, wet and windy Saturday? Do hope to see you there.

I went to Harrogate again this year and was on the Artists in Action stand for two days then demonstrating on the ArtVanGo for the other two. It was, as usual, brilliant. I was demonstrating my most favourite technique of all times. I have been doing this for some time and still never tire of it. I love it.
It's a technique from 'Exploring Creative Surfaces' where I use Xpandaprint through a Thermofax Screen on to Spunbond (Lutradur/FibreDK). Just lately I have been using images of fish and bird skeletons.
This was my space on day one at Artists in Action:
 And during the course of the two days it filled up like this with the pieces I was producing.

The process starts off like this with Xpandaprint pushed through the Thermofax screen:
 I then heat it with the heat tool, to expand the Xpandaprint and melt back the Spunbond.
 And this is what you are left with.
 This one has been coloured in my usual colours - think I prefer the white version.
 If you use a Thermofax Screen for different mediums it needs to be washed immediately after use or the medium, especially Xpandaprint, will dry on the screen, blocking the holes and ruining the design. Instead of just putting it straight into a tray of water I have been laying it on different surfaces to get rid of the excess Xpandaprint before washing. This one is on water colour paper. I have heated the paste with a heat gun.
And have been experimenting with different finishes on top of the Xpandaprinted design.

 Wash of Paynes Grey Fluid Acrylic.
 Rubbed over with black Markal Paintstik.
Coloured with Procion Dye Indigo Navy on the back and Walnut Ink on the front then sprinkled with sea salt. It's the John Lennon negative in case you didn't realise. :)

Have also been playing with the screens themselves.
This one is a clear Markal Paintstik rubbed directly through the screen and then covered with Quink Ink.
And this one is a black Caran D'Ache water soluble crayon rubbed through the screen.

Have you noticed the sketch pad? Isn't it fabulous? It's Khadi paper and is about 50 x 20 cms. I treated myself to two of them. (From ArtVanGo of course)
I also printed this Rhino on to Lutradur.
And used the excess on water colour paper and gave it a wash with Brusho powders.
I have also used some of my finished pieces to make printing plates with to play with on Saturday. Will show next time how they turned out.

It's been almost three months since I last posted and I really miss blogging (how many times have I said that?).I posted a grand total of 7 blogs in 2013 as opposed to 106 when I first started in 2007! For 2014 I am going to try and make sure I blog at least once a week. Let's see how long I can keep it up for!

Happy New Year to you all.


Heather said...

Stunning experiments - I particularly like the fishy ones. I must try to do more experimenting in 2014 - and post on my blog more often too! Happy New Year to you and I wish I lived near enough to drop in at ArtVanGo on the 4th - it sounds wonderful.

Julie said...

I love the fishy one too and you're making me want to play again. I wish I could get to Art Van Go on Saturday but I have a prior event to go to. Hope you have a great day and maybe I'll see you at Textiles in Focus. Happy New Year xxx

Annie said...

Love these Linda, wish I lived nearer too,

Wendy said...

You are inspiring me to go and tidy up my studio so that I can play with my mangle. Hope you have a great day on Saturday

Jackie said...

It was lovely to see you at K&S show in Harrogate and I remember the wonderful pieces you are showing here. You're so creative. I don't blog as much as I did. I think its all down to Facebook. Why don't you set a goal of once a month for blogging? That way its more achievable and if you do more its a bonus. Once a week is a lot to keep up with. Happy New Year.

Denise Gannon said...

Have a great time on Saturday. Look forward to reading your blog and hope to see you again soon.

neki desu said...

looking forward to your blog posts.
happy new year!

Anna said...

Really interesting work, what fun you've had experimenting. I may try to come on Saturday.

Gina said...

Such fabulous work Lynda. It was a real treat to see it earlier this month - everyone really enjoyed your talk. Sorry to be missing you on 4th - Guild stuff all day unfortuantely. Hope it goes well. Happy New Year... looking forward to the regular posts!

Pat said...

Well it might have been a long time but this post makes up for it. Stunning stuff, I love your skeletons.

Beverley said...

Wow, if you only blog occasionally, sure worth the wait. I find it useful sometimes, to write my ideas for a blog post may be sentence at a time, in Word, or use draft email. Then I go back when ready and edit. Its easier if things are recorded when thought of.
Would love to see more, but I'm car-less Sat, himself off out for the day.

Thimble Fingers said...

No matter how often you post, its always a pleasure to read. I'm fascinated by the techniques you've described, I'm itching to try it out. Lovely work. Hope 2014 is a great year for you.

Robin Mac said...

Wow, I am not even in the right hemisphere so sadly I shan't be tgrre on Saturday. The photos of your experiments are brilliant, you are so talented. I will look forward to the next post, no matter how long it takes. Happy New Year

Penny said...

Love the fish experiments, wrong bit of the globe to join you but I wish I could. More blog posts would be good.

sharon young said...

Wow! What a great post, so full of wonderful eye candy, love what you're doing with the thermofax, wish I could come to AVG but it's a bit far at the moment.

MargaretR said...

You are a wonder Lynda. I wish I could come to Art Van Go, and a Thermofax machine has been on my wish list for years. I love the work you made, but because I just love wrought iron more than anything, the very last one is my favourite.

Carol McFee said...

Lovely to see you blogging again, wish I was nearer to come and play :)

Downunderdale said...

Wish I could come - thanks to you I have a thermofax machine and loving the play - not used xpandaprint as yet - but I will.

Michele Matucheski said...

Welcome back to Blogland, Lynda. I have missed you and your wonderful work. Looks like you are still making some beautiful textures!

Anna said...

Oh dear, I overslept and forgot about going to Artvango! I'll look out for you there again. Where did you get your thermofax machines from? Hope you had a good day.