Sunday, October 06, 2013

This and that

The  ICHF show 'Stitch, Sew & Hobbycrafts' at Westpoint, Exeter last week was brilliant. Really, really busy and such a lovely crowd too.
Wendy Dolan was on the stand opposite me. Not sure if she was there during the day though as there was always such a crowd around her stand I just couldn't see her!!!  :) 
And I know Kim Thittichai was in the same boat further along. It was manic at times.
Managed to remember to take a photo of the stand early one morning.

Do hope I get the opportunity to be there again next year.

I shall be at Ally Pally demonstrating on the ArtVanGo stand on Thursday and Friday if you want to come along and say hello. I shall also be there Saturday as a visitor and possibly helping out on Sunday, but not sure yet. 
In case you didn't know, Ally Pally will be open until 7 pm on the Thursday evening and I believe that several people have got things going on such as Ruth Issett and Bobby Britnell who will have a joint book launch in the evening. 

Also wanted to let you know, in case you  haven't seen the workshop programme yet, that I shall be at ArtVanGo on Tuesday Ocober 22nd and Wednesday October 23rd teaching a workshop 'Fragments to Artefacts' if you are interested. 
Will also be there on Saturday October 26th with the Thermofax machine if you wanted to come along and have a screen burned. All you need is a black and white image, drawn, copied or printed, to the size of the screen you want and we will do the rest.

One lady at the show, after studying my 'WW1 Shrine' and the 'Geralds Game' piece asked if I had managed to get over my obsession with skulls.
This book arrived in the post on Monday:
And this is a taste of what is inside:
So I think the answer to that is a definite no. Although what I wouldn't mind getting hold of at the moment is a complete skeleton!


vintagerockchick said...

Oh, please don't go grave robbing - I'm sure you can get a plastic one!

Heather said...

Your stall looks great and it all sounds very exciting. I wish I was younger, more energetic and lived nearer to all these events. Not sure about the skulls and skeletons but each to his or her own.

Diane Kelsey said...


Wendy said...

Careful what you ask for, one might arrive in the post ;)
It sounds as though you are busy, I am looking forward to seeing you in Harrogate

Gina said...

Love the look of those bejewelled skeletons. May see you on Thursday.

WendyK said...

Your stand looks great Lynda, I'll see you on Friday. I'm going on Friday and Saturday, with Annie.

Julie said...

sorry to be missing Ally Pally this year but I'm hoping to get to Harrogate. Have you tried eBay for a skeleton? You might have competition from medical students!

Hazeltwig said...

Did you see the article in the Saturday Telegraph magazine some weeks ago about these decorated bodies. Think they were saints?