Saturday, August 13, 2011


Thanks to Kate, ALQS6 is now on the go. Deadline is Monday 3rd October so plenty of time to sign up. Check here for details. It really is a great swap to be part of.
This could be my submission, not sure yet as I still have a couple of other ideas I want to try.
Plus I have to work out how to put a backing on this one, something I am useless at which I am sure past recipients of my hangings will confirm.
Its titled ‘Plus Four’ which will become apparent when you know the story behind it.

Just by way of explanation, the brassy lines are not quite so bold, the flash on the camera has really picked them out.
And they are supposed to be wibbly-wobbly. It took me ages to do that. I had to tear masking tape in half and stick each half in position before running a line of gilt cream down the centre. Then I had to wait for each one to dry before I could move on to the next. There is probably a much easier way but sometimes my brain refuses to function logically.

Close up of the background:
And a close up of the studs. US 5 cent pieces. They are actually buttons which Doreen sent me ages ago and fit in just right.

3 copy
The inserts:
Again, the ‘bling’ is a bit more subtle than shown here.
The text, relevant to the story, has been translated into Latin. Unfortunately, there is one particular word which when translated ends with a very rude word. I have tried to make sure the torn edges get rid of most of it.*LOL*
If you are curious, type the word ‘entail,’ complete with a comma into Google Translator here.

Had some great news the other day. Our eldest granddaughter Libby, coming up to 10, has had a poem of hers selected for publication due out on December 31st but we will be lucky enough to get a pre-publication copy sometime in October.
Its called ‘How to make a rabbit’ and as I have asked her not to read it to me until I see it in print I am very intrigued as to what it is all about. Hopefully we have the makings of a JK Rowling here who will be able to keep me in a manner to which I could soon become accustomed to in my dotage.

And talking of publications, (how’s that for a subtle lead) take a look at the d4Daisy website.
New book ‘Fabulous Surfaces’ due out in November. All very exciting.

Liverpool Lou – I have tried to make the photos so you can click on them and enlarge and I think it is working for the last four, but no matter what I do the first one will not open where it is sited even though it is exactly the same photo as this one below, which is just for you. Enjoy!


dianehobbit said...

Two copies please! One for me and another for the guild library. Saw your work at the NEC yesterday and thought that someone had copied your ideas, until I realised it was on Maggie's stall next to your book.

Heather said...

I love the vintage look of this piece and it's clear and simple lines. Whoever receives it is going to be very lucky. Can't wait for Fabulous Surfaces. Congrats to Libby - she must be thrilled along with the rest of your family.

Susan D said...

Put me down for a copy of your book when it's published.

My nephew had a poem published a few years ago, I couldn't believe how good it was for a 10 year old.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

And me!!!!!! (for the book that is)
A very big well done to Libby too!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

You did it at last.
Look forward to seeing it.
Well done.

glenys coombridge said... we know where you have been hiding. Have missed the blogging heaps Lynda. I love the oldie worldie look of this piece. Hope I win it..... REALLY looking forward to the new book. Now I know what I want for my birthday.

write my essay said...

Thanks for the article. Very interesting.

Kerstin said...

What a wonderful miniquilt! I love it! And I also be part of the swap ;-) but I am still working on my one...

viele Grüße