Friday, April 08, 2011


Take a look at these.


full on2 Who would have thought you could get surfaces like these from kitchen towels that have been used to mop up colour! serviette

They looked pretty good and I didn’t want to throw them away so I ironed on some foil then used PVA to bond tissue paper to the foil.

Top photo shows the front, but I much prefer the second photo which is the back. This is an ‘arty’ close up of the back.arty It looks like it has been run under the embellisher.

With this next one I used an acrylic gel medium and didn’t get such a good result which is unusual.front of 2 Not sure about this one at all – looks like a blood stain. :) The back isn’t very exciting either.back of 2 And here’s another surface that looks good even though the colours are not very appealing.evolon 1 And a close up.evolon closeI should offer a top prize to anyone who could guess how these markings were made because I’m sure no-one would.

Its Evolon coloured with procion dye then dabbed with a baby wipe (by accident to start with) – certainly worth exploring further.

Now you may remember that I had an incredible urge for home-baking when I first finished work. Well, that has worn off somewhat, after all, Mr Kipling does it so much better.

But, my daughter dropped this book round and I couldn’t resist flicking through it.

book2 Now Carrot Cake has been around for years and I’ve been making chocolate and beetroot muffins for sometime but these recipes use vegetables that you would not believe: Aubergines, Courgettes, Sweet Potato, Swede and even Turnips! And they are all dessert cakes too.

I have just finished off a Cappuccino Cupcake – made with sweet potato, delicious.

Harry Eastwood, female by the way, heads up each recipe with a short description of the finished cake(s) as if they are little people.

“Cappuccino Cupcakes

This cupcake will come down to dinner wearing a Chinese Silk Jacket if the fancy takes him. Although he’s kind and smiley about the eyes, don’t presume to know what he’s thinking. He can be anything he wants...because he’s magic.”

Brilliant book to read through even if you never get to making any of the recipes.

And heading back to  textiles…something to whet your appetite with a taste of things to come….. :))




Heather said...

Those kitchen towel samples are amazing and I love the watermark effect on the Evolon. I made a carrot cake today - like the sound of that recipe book. Unusual but very 'Yum'. I also like the look of the taste of things to come - very intriguing.

Carol said...

Are you just teasing me with tht turquoise and copper/rust colouring :) LURVE it! love all these surfaces. Clever cloggs as ever. Look how much you get done - how did you ever work!

Sandy said...

Can't throw anything out anymore. Water drops make a pattern like the one you show.

liniecat said...

Fabulous effects, I just love the water droplet ish look, baby wipes! Whod have thought it!
That book looks great fun! Might have to loan it from the daughter did say she wanted an unusual wedding cake!!

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

It is so good to have you back!

dianehobbit said...

You have been having some fun! Book sounds like a great idea for a present. Thanks for the tip.

Kelly said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one who has a pile of the most gorgeous paper towels! Love what you've done with them! Aren't they one of the most versitile little things EVER???

Shirley Goodwin said...

Who knew kitchen towels could scrub up so well?

neki desu said...

into verdigris now?

Debbi Baker said...

All wonderful (as per usual!) but I am so intrigued (just as you planned!) by the last two photos. So glad I visited again (I haven't been doing much blog-reading of late). I'll be back to find ouyt more of course!!

vintagerockchick said...

Yeah, we just never throw anything away do we? I'm no cook, but I HAVE made a cake with courgettes which was delicious. (The yellow courgettes are best if you can get them, it's slightly off putting seeing little green bits in your cake)

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