Sunday, April 17, 2011

A busy day…


Went down to Otford in Kent to take a look at the Sevenoaks Embroiderers Guild 10th Anniversary exhibition.

Two reasons for going that distance – firstly Pat ‘Altering Thoughts’ Thornhill, a good friend I have made through blogging is chairperson of this branch and secondly it was one of the first places I taught a workshop and all the ladies were really very nice so I just felt I would like to go and show my support.

The exhibition was well worth seeing. Spread over two halls it showed a wide range of the work produced by the groups talented members and all of it to a very high standard. There were lots of pieces that caught my eye – the Punch & Judy dolls were absolutely amazing – and I took several photographs of course.

I did ask permission for taking photographs but didn’t ask the individual makers if I could publish them on the blog so feel I better not, with one exception that is. I am sure the maker, found here, won’t mind but if she does then hey, sue me. :))

It took 18 months to complete this quilt called ‘Don’t tell the Quilt Police’ and when you look at the close-ups and see the amount of stitching that has gone in to it then you can well understand why.

I do know that I for one would never have finished – it would still be a WIP! 



P1000537 Before I travelled down to Kent I went across to Colchester first to visit the Bright Ideas Scrap Scheme.

I met with Liniecat at the NEC and she was telling me about the ‘Scrap Store’ that she visits regularly – I didn’t even know these places existed and felt sure there wouldn’t be one down our way. But I googled when I got home and found one practically on the doorstep. Check out the Scrap Store website to see if there is one near you. The charges probably differ but the one here charges £1.50 per visit or £7.50 for the year when you can visit as many times as you  like.

And this is the booty I came away with along with a large number of cardboard tubes in all sizes to use as formers for vessels.

GOODIES And this was all for just a few pence. Scrim, Paper Sticks, Calico Tape, small rolls of Foil and Sequin Waste.

I know there appears to be a lot of sequin waste, about 80 odd  metres altogether,  and goodness knows what I will use it all for, but you would not believe the amount that was there, just rolls and rolls of it. Because I was in a bit of a hurry I didn’t get the chance to have a real good rummage around, but next time…

And some pieces to leave you with. You would be forgiven for thinking you have seen them before as they are pretty much the same as some others I did using Transfoil with coloured Tyvek and with rusted Lutradur, but the shiny,shiny background in these is something different. :)a5_edited-1





Heather said...

That quilt is stunning - beautiful stitching. The Scrap Store goodies look useful - I must see if we have one nearby. Love your Lutrador pieces - they make me think of old maps.


Well your quilt is stunning and I can see how much time and love went into that. I would love to see it for real. Also love your samples. Very inspiring as always. I use Cornwall Scrap Store for some of my unusual bits and bobs. I was lucky to pick up lots of medical paraphernalia for my Brooklyn Sketchbook Project ... so useful and interesting you never know what you are going to find which is inspiration in itself. Best wishes to you
Carolyn x

liniecat said...

Am thrilled that your local scrapstore will be useful for you! They can have nothing much different for weeks then suddenly pick up new stuff and wow! Its worth going often just to pop in and see whats come in.
And of course if you have anything at all to offload, they are always glad of new stock too!
I put a pic on my blog of a column that my friend has made using those long fabric roll tubes our place gets in..... abit bigger than yours in the pic true lol
Love the colours on your pieces youve made and that quilt must have been quite somethign to see! That lady deserves a medal!

Nicks said...

i love our scrap store! sounds like you had an awesome weekend

Pat said...

Oh! I shall sue because it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you so much for this the members will be thrilled. I probably wish you hadn't told me about the existence of scap stores.

flower friend said...

I agree Pat's quilt is stunning and she is so modest.I'm glad you enjoyed the exhibition Lynda and I look forward to any workshops you do in the future.

Kelly said...

Wow! What a fun and fruitful weekend!! And, as usual, beautiful work! truly inspiring!

Robin Mac said...

I have only just discovered you are back blogging Lynbda - yippee. That quilt is amazing, and I love all your samples. I am looking forward to the June edition of WoW to see the results of some of your other samples. Have a happy Easter. Cheers.

Emma said...

These samples look like pieces in their own right, delicious! I'm off to see what I can glean in your wonderful book & look forward to WoW even more ;)Scrap Store? How can I not have heard of them?!

Happy Easter!

Helen Suzanne said...

these are wonderful texture samples Lynda. Really love the turquoise showing through the rust

Sarah Bell Smith said...

These pieces are absolutely gorgeous. Such a wonderful mix of texture between the top and bottom surface. The colours used always go well together as well and so make the work so much more interesting. Fantastic.