Tuesday, June 02, 2009

'Encrusted Blades'

Many, many thanks for all your lovely emails about my latest article in Workshop on the Web. Very much appreciated.
I do hope you will have a go at these vessels. Although the instructions look a bit longwinded they really are incredibly easy to create.
Any questions then please feel free to ask - you know where I am. :)


Heather said...

You are so generous Lynda - thankyou. These vessels really are beautiful and the workshop is a treat.

Jackie said...

I am just having yet another catch up on blogs. These vessels are gorgeous..only wish I had time to play with them.
On your last post...doesn't it always happen when you are saving for something? And I bet the guttering drops off before you get the camera! One advanatge of having a restorer for a husband is that anything looking old and shabby doesn't worry him, with the result that things which should have been mended years ago are still there. (and old and shabby describes me perfectly!)
Finally..I can't wait to see your textile version of the dog collars..I thought of Vicars at first.

Doreen G said...

3 post in 4 days Lynda just like the good old days.
I love those vessels they are so you.(in a good way I mean)

Sandy said...

Great article.

Genie said...

Look forward to giving them a go

Ruth said...

Thank goodness you wrote this post. I somehow forgot all about WOW and haven't even looked at it yet. Been a bit busy at work but I'm glad you reminded me and I'm looking forward to your article. Congrats on the book - it sounds wonderful.