Sunday, May 31, 2009

Decided to have a break this weekend and have a day out today (Sunday) – you know, all work and no play... :)
Drove down to here:Leeds Castle in Kent.
It’s been on my list of places to visit for sometime because they have a Dog Collar Museum which I was desperate to look at but this was a bit disappointing I’m afraid. I managed to get several photos through the glass cabinets – I was hoping they would have a book of some sort to go with the collection, should really have taken a sketch book.
Lots of inspiration here though:Unfortunately, (or fortunately whichever way you look at it) there was a jousting tournament going on.There’s something quite appealing about a man in a helmet, a bit like leather clad bikers. :)
We were also treated to this splendid display:Her friend in the righthand corner was also having a go but he didn’t look anywhere near as impressive.The highlight of the day though was travelling down the M11 at 85 mph and not spotting the safety camera set up on the bridge. No excuse really, (for the speeding that is) except I was going downhill with the wind behind me. Needless to say, I have slipped down a few notches with the camera v guttering saga. :(

Quickly moving on - I still had time to start on some samples for the Arashi Shibori workshop I am taking part in with Wil. It’s a really good workshop. Wil has given us loads of ideas in the first lesson alone.
I started on the basic Arashi using some cotton duck.Not sure how this leaf shape got here.I also tried a piece using cotton velvet but, silly me, I put the pile side on the inside so ended up with a lovely pattern on the underside of the fabric:And nothing on the front:So I tried again and ended up with this lovely piece of fabric.Have another batch on the go at the moment so more of this later.


smarcoux said...

Hi Lynda
Ahh I was going to try to get ahold of you to meet up to give you the paint from Laura ... but you were out I see.. we also went to burnham on crouch ... so down the same way.
I have signed up for the workshop and also am waiting for your book to come out.

Let me know if you can meet up soon even if its after dinner one night to drop the paint off to you.


verobirdie said...

I like the comparison between chevalry and bikers...
THe peacock is beautiful. I don't think I never saw a white one performing.

Doreen G said...

Great shibori samples Lynda--and I have never seen a white peacock before.

Heather said...

Those dog collars are beautiful and very inspirational. I think the white peacock is more impressive than the coloured ones, even though the colours themselves are so lovely.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I love Leeds castle. I didnt see the white peacoks when I was there.
Sorry you couldn't get to the Guild the other week. Happy stitching!

Sandy said...

That's lovely fabric. I would do it backwards too.

Heather said...

It's me again. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I'll leave out some sparkly bits next spring and see which birds use them. I love your vessels on WOW and think this current issue is the best yet.


Lovely photos of the white peacocks and the dog collars. As you say, very inspirational patterns


neki desu said...

isn't shibori a funner?
and why oh why can't i be that white peacock?

Wil Opio Oguta said...

Glad you like the shibori workshop. You got the leaves pattern because part of the fabric was folded when you wrapped the thread around it.

Julie said...

Beautiful bird and lovely shibori. Isn't it magical? I love shibori. When I get my mojo back I shall be doing some.