Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Tyvek samples
These samples have all been made using 100 gsm A4 Tyvek paper.
All were painted beforehand with fluid acrylic paint and looked pretty similar to these ones here.
This first one has been machine stitched in a freehand circular motion on to black Kunin Felt before being blasted with the heat gun. Copper coloured Treasure Gold was rubbed heavily on top of the Tyvek before being placed over a piece of copper coloured metallic tissue fabric.
The photograph makes the edges look far more misshapen than they actually are – but it really was hard going to stitch through.
I always mount my postcards on heavy watercolour paper and I wondered afterwards if I had used Pelmet Vilene or a lightweight fabric if this would have made it any easier.
The next two pieces started off with a base of foil covered polyester velvet. The Tyvek was laid on the top, a piece of organza put on top of the Tyvek and then machine stitched through all the layers before being blasted with a heat gun.

Tyvek has been machine stitched onto cotton velvet before Xpandaprint was applied. This was then zapped with the heat gun. I painted over the top with white household emulsion paint, then when that was dry the surface was painted with writing ink and a light coating of bleach brushed on.

These next two are my favourites.
The base is once again cotton velvet but this time I dabbed on some Xpandaprint and let it dry before stitching the Tyvek over the top. The Tyvek had been painted with fluid acrylic paints then a light wash of Walnut Ink followed by a coat of Polymer medium.
After machine stitching I applied more Xpandaprint to the surface before zapping.
In the first one the surface was then painted with black writing ink and the second one has been painted half black and half emerald green.

These are two more postcards I have received from fellow Fibre Art Friends, Emmy and CarolT.
The first one is from Emmy. A mix of colours and machine and hand stitching. Just beautiful as is all Emmys work.

And this one is from Carol which you may have seen on her blog. A fantastic piece, good design and good workmanship.

This is my contribution to the Calendar Girls 2008 postcard swap for February – somewhat different I think :)
To get the full story of why this piece turned out like it did you will have to visit the Calendar Girls blog. There are some fantastic pieces of work on there from the other girls.
TIF Challenge update
So for the colour part of the challenge I have got my piece of fabric, not sure which side to use though, and have gathered together my threads – so now what? :)


Jacquelines blog said...

You're tyvec cards are gorgeous Lynda!! Beautiful colors too! I think I agree with you on you're favourites.

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful postcards! I like the turquoise a lot.
Looking forward to seeing your TiF piece.

Vicki W said...

Those surfaces that you are creating are incredible! I love the last two and the blueish ones as well. Awesome! You've received some real gems also.

Sandy said...

Great and inspiring experiments with tyvek. Nice post cards. Sandy

Carol said...

Oh Missus! Some delicious pieces, love the middle lot of samples, the colours are just scrummy! Your camera is so much better than mine on the close up's, thanks for that!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

You have been busy. Lots of fabulous textures again.
I must be brave and have a go at being more destructively creative.

Doreen G said...

Your tyvek samples are fantastic Lynda----and I like the fabric for the TIF challenge.

Judy Rys said...

The texture and colors on these Tyvek cards is amazing. Thanks for sharing the steps.

neki desu said...

lovely textures you've got here. as for TIF i'd leave it as is. very abstract expressionist!

neki desu

Alis said...

You always inspire me Lynda.
I have a pack of Tyvek in my drawer and I was wondering whey I bought it.
I remember now ;0)

verobirdie said...

Your tyvek samplers are beautiful and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing them with us!

sharon young said...

Lovely Tyvec PC's and a great explanation. thanks for that.
Your received PC's look wonderful too, lucky you :-)

Waltraud said...

Wonderful surfaces.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I always love looking at your photos.

Carol said...

Gorgeous textures and colours as usual, I even love them before you zapped them, and what fantastic cards you received,look forward to seeing your TIF

Angelcat said...

Thank you for sharing your experiments with Tyvek. Your cards have turned out beautifully the colours are textures are scrummy!

MixPix said...

Very interesting experiments as always with the Tyvek - I'm inspired to have a go again. For the TIF, I see birds and kites in a Springtime sky!

Carol said...

testing, a bit slow but able to get on, will delete when I know this came through

Lalhezar said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I love your tyvek and expandaprint samples, especially the one on top of the felt. They look great

Dianne said...

Love all of your tyvek samples - fantastic!! I always leave your blog with so many ideas - thanks for the inspiration!!!!