Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just wanted to share with you some of the fantastic post I have received in the last couple of days.
I have somehow managed to make all the postcards look skewiff (sp?) in the photographs.
Firstly from Jacqueline, a postcard using Fibre in-Form foil.
I recently sent Jacqueline some Irise Film to try and this is one of the pieces she created with it. Its A4 size and has a wonderful texture with layers of fabric, Irise film, netting and organza held down with machine stitch and then zapped.
She also enclosed some of these little cards from Flickr - what a great idea they are too.
This is the ATC I put my name against from Susan Lenz who is organising the Cyber Fiber Exhibition. This is a wonderful idea and a great opportunity to have your art on show. Susan has made 163 postcards and 130 ATC's which she has put up for trade. All you have to do is put your name against the one you would like, either an ATC or a postcard and send Susan one in return which will go on display in the Cyber Fyber Exhibition scheduled for January 2009.
Go to the Cyber Fiber Exhibition blog to find out all about the exhibition and how to trade.
This ATC is number 21 on the list and you can read all about it if you go to the blog.

And this is the postcard - number 16 on the list. There is so much detail on here, its fantastic. You can read all about this postcard on the blog too.

These next photos are of a lovely little altered tin sent to me by Becky. The texture on the outside is wonderful and although you can't see it properly in the photo there are lots of gold highlights :) Becky has some wonderful art on her blog and has done a brilliant collograph tutorial - well worth a look.

The tin opens up to reveal a pink heart inside.
Mags sent me this birthday postcard as part of the Fibre Art Friends birthday swap. Its made from organza and lace and has Mags favourite symbols - curves! And these last three are from Ruth.
A handmade card with a very textural insert.
A postcard made with the same elements as in her January TIF challenge which you can read all about here on her blog. She had the patience to make about 30 of the little Celtic knots. Go see the challenge piece on Ruths blog, its fantastic.

And finally, this is rust dyed fabric with hand stitching and beading, lots of it. Its called 'Rusty Sunflower'. Fabulous.
Thank you everyone. It was all a pleasure to receive.


sharon young said...

What a fantastic post Lynda, lucky you. I saw these little tins on Becky's blog, they're just gorgeous and as for Susan's PC, your right there's an amazing amount of detail. I just received mine this AM too, will have to hurry up and finish my swap PC.

Fran├žoise said...

Wow, lucky you! All pieces are so beautiful!

Doreen G said...

Love the little tin Lynda in fact I think you did very well from the postman this week.

Julie said...

Super postbag Lynda. My ATC from Susan came from the same source as your postcard. Mine is number 126.

Threadspider said...

These are delightful-I can see why you were so pleased to receive them.

Cestandrea said...

Hi Purple Missus, it has been a long time and I'm thrilled by all the new fine things you present here. It is a feast for the eyes! I love every card you received, they are all beautiful. And your experiments are so interesting, thanks for sharing them!
I use this opportunity to invite you to participate in a little giveaway game on my blog, which permits me to visit all my blogfriends I don't have time to visit regularly. So just let me know if you're in, popp over and have a look at the Paris Souvenirs!


Gunnels blog said...

So much lovely post you`ve got!

MargaretR said...

The postman has been very kind to you Lynda. Did he know it was your birthday month perhaps?
I particularly love that PC from Susan Lenz, it's beautiful.

Cherold said...

These are gorgeous! You have been tagged...check it out at my blog.


Becky Vigor said...

So glad the tin arrived and you like it :) Looks like you had a great post week!

Cyber Fyber said...

Thanks so very, very much for blogging about CYBER FYBER! Today, I'm making labels for the exhibition...which fortunately includes "copying and pasting" blog names....so I'm peeking at the wonderful work you are doing! I wish I had more time to read....but...tomorrow is a big day! I've got a meeting with several people about CYBER FYBER funding. Today, however, I learned that the exhibition is INSURED!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Missus - oh how I do enjoy visiting your blog. The textures the colors the creativity - so very inspiring. I love the experiments you did with the expand paint and Tyvek - spectacular!!! And the pc's - gorgeous.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Missus - oh how I do enjoy visiting your blog. The textures the colors the creativity - so very inspiring. I love the experiments you did with the expand paint and Tyvek - spectacular!!! And the pc's - gorgeous.