Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year..... everyone that knows me or is reading this.
There was one really big downside to 2014 and a couple of minor ones but if 2015 is half as good as the rest of the year was, it will be a brilliant one!
Do hope that everyone has a really good one too.

On Monday a few of us gathered at ArtVanGo for a 'playday'.
We all played with lots of different bits and learned a lot from each other plus had a good chat with mulled wine and sausage rolls.
I took along my latest toy - a heat press. How have I managed without one for this long???

Just about to load the photos only to find I can't!
I took a load of photos, some really good ones - especially the one of Viv cuddling the empty mulled wine bottles.
But they also showed some of the work we were doing.
I loaded them on to my PC which automatically deletes them from my camera. And at this moment in time my PC is going back to factory settings as I have a virus on there - 'start123' I think it's called. It is a virus that supposedly makes note of all your web browsing but who's to say that it doesn't capture your passwords and cc details etc. Goodness knows where I picked it up from and I have tried every which way to get rid of it, lots of tips online, but it just won't go so formatting was the only option left.
And of course I never saved the photos in a file, thinking they would be quite safe in the Photoshop Organiser, 

Oh well, Will have to show you later some of the fantastic effects we got from the heat press.

In the meantime, a blog is no good without a photo so I will just leave you with one of the heat press :)


smarcoux said...

check on see if you can find a fix for it

Heather said...

That looks like a very serious toy. Hope you have lots of fun playing with it in 2015.

Gina said...

I don't even know what a heat press is Lynda! I accidentally deleted stuff from my camera memory card last year and managed to find some software that retrieved everything... Might be useful? Happy new year and hope to see you soon. X

Pat said...

Very best wishes for the New Year, hope you clear your bugs.