Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Usual title–Catching Up!

What a useless blogger I am these days – over six weeks ago since I last posted!
So what takes all my time these days?
Workshops, talks, demonstrations, shows – really busy but loving every minute of it.

Tomorrow, Thursday 21st, I am ‘In Residence’ at ArtVanGo.

Do hope you can come along and have a chat and take a look at what I am up to with Spunbond, Dressmaking Tissue Paper and various acrylic mediums.
Here’s a taster:
tissue paper
Next week I am back in St Issey, Cornwall with a two day workshop this time plus a chance to see the Cornwall Show. Really looking forward to it. So pleased the weather has picked up.
As everything is prepared and ready for St Issey I had a few spare minutes to play with this paper from ArtVanGo.
It’s a double sided wax paper, different colour on each side. Feels lovely and smooth.
waxed paper
I tried crumpling it up:
Then ironing it flat again:
These are the reverse sides of the above – not very exciting:
before light
but held up to the light, what a difference – given me a few ideas here!
I then tried crumpling and ironing again and while it was still hot I rubbed a metallic wax crayon over the surface:
wax rubbed
And on these ones I melted the metallic wax crayon between two sheets of baking parchment then ironed the waxed paper between the same two sheets:
wax melted
Had to try Treasure Gold, of course, with Autumn Gold Creative Spray on top. Ironed again once dry.
Treasure Gold Creative Spray
And finally rubbed over a metallic white acrylic paint before ironing again.
metallic white acrylic
Nothing ground breaking, still waxed paper, but ideal for adding stitch and lots of potential.
Next time I get a few spare minutes, she say’s hopefully, I will carry on playing with this.


Heather said...

Nice to hear from you again and I love the effects you have got with the waxed paper.

liniecat said...

oooh what fun results with the paper! nice one

Julie said...

Lovely to see you here again and I'm delighted you are doing well and keeping busy :-)

Miriam Weaver said...

Have fun at Art Van Go and in Cornwall, hope the weather stays fine for you.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love it, it looks like leather.

Susan D said...

And here was you thinking you would have time on your hands once you gave up the office job :)

dianehobbit said...

Wish I lived nearer to AVG. enjoy!

flower friend said...

I'm intrigued as to what you will do next with this paper. Have fun in Cornwall.

glenys coombridge said...

Hi Lynda, So glad to hear from you and see what you are playing with. What would that waxed paper look like if you sprayed it with ink or dye after you hade scrunched and ironed. Hopefully the dye would settle in the cracks. It could look like Giraffe skin. So glad to know that you are really enjoying what you are doing.

Linturn said...

I'd looked at those waxed papers and wondered....! Now I know. What great fun and how super of you to share your experiments.

Keep posting - it doesn't matter when, we're all busy!