Thursday, February 09, 2012

Birthday wishes

Would like to thank everyone who left a message for me on Facebook for today.
I really must try and get to grips with Facebook, it seems to be the way everyone is going.
I realise that my birth date  is on my profile but how do people know? And why don’t I know when other peoples birthdays are? Is there a box I should tick which would let me know?
And do they all know the year too?
In case you’re wondering I haven’t qualified for a bus pass yet and am a few years away from a state pension thanks to the powers that be that raised the age – just don’t get me started on that, someone who paid their dues for over 30 years and am entitled to zilch compared to these scroungers that get it handed to them on a plate. I surely am turning into a ‘grumpy old woman’. Off the soapbox now for a few minutes.

Went down to the Creative Stitches show in Bluewater on Saturday. Good idea as we were snowed in on Sunday, had it quite bad up this way and living on a hill doesn’t help.  Bit dubious about going out in the snow since we got caught out last year with a 15 minute drive back from daughter No.1 taking us 5 hours!
Some good exhibitions and demonstrators. I know a few people were a bit miffed at the lack of supplies for stitchers but this was a new show and we need to support these shows or they won’t return which will be a shame especially at a venue like this where you have it all. I’m speaking as a purchaser not as someone who has been lucky enough to demonstrate at shows such as this.
Ally Pally wasn’t always as big as it is now and in the very early days when it was all in the one main hall there were some really weird stands there making up the numbers. 
The Hobbycrafts part of the show on the ground floor was really busy. I picked up a couple of things.
I already had some of these book rings in the larger size, didn’t realise they did smaller ones.
ringsI use them to keep my samples together and the smaller ones will be ideal.
samples2I do hate it when I’m demonstrating and the sample I am talking about is buried under a pile of stuff.
Also managed to get hold of these.  
paper fastenersI bought a packet from goodness knows where some time ago and used them a lot – didn’t realise how much until I see there are 99 of them in a packet. Lots of people asked me where I got them from and I couldn’t remember and never did come across them again. Bought these ones from ‘Paperartsy’
In actual fact, I bought two packets and you know what will happen now? I won’t need them for anything. Still, you can never have enough paper fasteners.

Still working on ‘Scrim, Screens & Scrappy Bits’ for Textiles in Focus which starts next Friday – can’t believe how quickly that has come around.

Made a frame up then decided to hang one of the textured pieces inside. (need a smiley face here)
Reminds me of a museum exhibit.
The frames are for something like this:
Unfinished. Beads and cord just to give me an idea of what, or what not, to do.
It’s Lutradur. Painted with Interference Blue which looks a bit bold because of the flash.IMG_9388Its hollow down the middle.IMG_9360And as the Lutradur has been zapped I might drop one of those night lights inside – a battery operated one of course.
The shelf at the bottom will have a small, very small,  handmade heavily embellished book laying on it when I can get around to it.
Also did one in interference green.aAgain, looks a bit bold because of the flash but I was never too keen on this colour anyway. Maybe it will look better when I drape some danglies over it.
Have another one on the go, slightly different, which will be coloured in my usual rusty, autumnal, muddy colours.

If you hop over to Julies blog Mixed Media just don’t click on play for this video. It’s still in my head even now almost a week later. B****y onions!
But do take a look at her snow dyeing, she has produced some wonderful pieces.

Am off to the Spectrum exhibition ‘Close to Home’  at ArtVanGo on Saturday to have a look at the work on display and also to join in the tea party. Should be fun.


Gina said...

Happy Birthday! I missed it on facebook!

dianehobbit said...

Birthdays of the day are on the top right hand corner. Happy Birthday too, I also missed it on facebook. See you next Friday!

Singer said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I had to apply for a UK pension (haven't lived there for over 40 years). Took ages to sort out and apparently, I'm entitled to 8p per week whick is paid to NZ government coffers.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday. Great goodies from Creative Stitches and your Lutrador pieces on the frames are stunning.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Lynda, I nearly missed it on Facebook. Everybody gets to know because Facebook flag up friends birthdays. They don't show the full date unless you show it yourself in your profile so your secret is safe ;-)

Thank you very much for the link to my blog and for the health warning which made me laugh out loud :-)) I am so sorry my post messed with your head. lol

See you next week at TIF xxx

Doreen G said...

Happy birthday Lynda we don't need to know the "how many years" just as long as there are plenty more of them.I love the frames and their adornments--how big are they?

Maggi said...

Happy birthday. I've quit Facebook but found the birthday notifications when I was on there very hit and miss. The frame looks fantastic. Glad Bluewater went reasonably well, pity it fell foul of the snow. I'm surprised there wasn't more support from suppliers. I would have thought that they would have been crying out for exposure in the current economic climate.

jacky ives said...

Happy Birthday, Lynda