Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Bit or a rush post I'm afraid - apologies for any typo's.
Had a wonderful time at the show in Harrogate. Met some really lovely people and had some very interesting conversations.
This is my poster from the ‘Artists in Action’ stand. I bought it home with me and it’s going up on the wall in my workroom – how sad is that? :)
And what a welcoming and friendly bunch the other artists on the stand were. I was alongside Pauline Verrinder, Sue Chapman, Lizzie Houghton, Sarah Burgess, Dionne Swift, Fiona Wilson, Val Hughes and not forgetting Jill Flowers – like me, an avid ‘Strictly’ fan. The work they were all producing was stunning. I didn’t manage to get an awful lot done–spent far too much time talking. :)

And I just need to clarify a couple of points as I think I may have mystified a few people. Firstly, ‘Zap’, a term which I believe could be of Maggie Grey origin, meaning to melt back. I assumed that everyone uses this word now but obviously not by the look on some faces. Secondly, when I say I use a ‘paint stripper’ to melt back I actually mean a hot air/heat tool – not liquid paint stripper. This wasn’t questioned until the Sunday so I do hope no-one went home and brushed copious amounts of Nitromors on their surfaces. *LOL*
I could write reams here about the show but suffice to say I really enjoyed it.

The comments about ‘Fabulous Surfaces’ have been amazing and are very much appreciated.

I have an article in the December issue of ‘Workshop on the Web’  which shows you how to turn this:

into these:these
or this:this
which you can then go on and turn into these:kitchen towel
Do hope you enjoy it. :)

Message for Jean from NZ: We met at Ally Pally and you gave me your address - which I cannot find anywhere, sorry! Do hope you read this and get in touch.


Sandy said...

It makes perfect sense to me to put the sign up in your studio. It was a special time. I look forward to receiving you book and the article in WOW.

Heather said...

Love your poster - I'd have brought it home too.
Not long to wait for your article on WoW, or for my copy of your book which may be in the post. Looking forward to lovely things to play with this winter.

Sheilasembroidery said...

It was a fantastic show and thanks for my book, it arrived as promised today.

liniecat said...

Bugger........couldnt go to Harrogate this time after all, would have popped by to say hello.

But my pal who did go, got your book for me! It was the only thing I asked het to pick for me too...yeayyyyy

Glad you enjoyed the show, maybe youll come up north again gal!

Denise said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Really looking forward to seeing you in December at Craft Arena; I'm hoping for a really good weekend.

Singer said...

Hi Lynda

Message received thanks.
Have e-mailed you.

Jean (NZ)

Heather said...

My copy of your book arrived today and I'm thrilled with it. I already have nearly all the materials needed so can start playing straight away. It is excellent value and I love the projects you have featured in it.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, Just wanted to say - I am so pleased with your new book, and absolutely de-ligh-ted with MY book. It is gorgeous. Thank you, thank you!
Barbara W.