Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oops! Got it wrong last time, its actually 'Wheres Wally'.
We have a young lad at work who is the spitting image of this character, glasses and all, and unfortunately his name is Will.
So of course quite often the cry will go out 'Wheres Willy' - poor boy.

Isn't it strange how one train of thought can lead to another?
As the CG's still don't know what I look like I thought I would show a photo of my middle daughter Chelsey when she got married a few years back as her DH is always saying how she is getting very like me !!
Except she is 5'8" and slim - and I'm not :)
They were living in Germany at the time and decided to get married in Prague, unfortunately it was just a few days after the big floods and most of Prague was still under water so as they didn't get to see much we all went back the following year.
One of the places we visited was the Ossuary in Kutna Hora.
Its a Cemetery Chapel built on the site of a massive grave yard where thousands of bodies were buried from the great plague of 1300 and something. The bones were piled up around the chapel but someone had the idea of making them into decorations.
And this is the result.

Those two large windows on either side contain hundreds of skulls in cages just piled up on top of each other.

Its a really eerie place but you can't help but marvel at what they have done.
I'm working on a project called 'Decay' at the moment and I'm hoping to be able to use some of these images.
I must admit, this one appeals to me most - very macabre!


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Ooooooooo very creepy but as you say how incredible. At least these dead people will have an everlasting impression which they wouldn't do buried in the ground.
Creepy cheers

neki desu said...

that's exactly why i want to be cremated. :)
i we skipped that one and just concentrated on expressionist architecture. Great city.
so does the photo mean you're a redhead?

neki desu

Oxford Embroiderers' Guild said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, about the EG and the advice!

Michele Matucheski said...

Very interesting ... Another place I want to visit someday. Can't wait to see your completed project!

Michele at Sweet Leaf

Julie said...

Ooer! Not sure whether to shiver or be impressed! Both probably. Certainly a fantastic achievement. I'm looking forward to seeing your 'Decay' project.

sharon young said...

I saw this chapel on TV the other day, was it Dan Crookshank's prog on architecture I wonder. I couldn't make up my mind then , whether to be shocked or inspired, and seeing it again I still don't know.
Your daughter is beautiful! and her DH looks pretty cool too.

Joanna van said...

It is pretty eerie! But, it definetly makes an impact. I don't think I would want to be immortalized this way. Reminds of how we do the "bodies in motion" exhibits nowadays.

Guzzisue said...

Hi, we stayed at Kutna Hora whilst motorcyling round czech and austria a couple of years ago and visited the ossuary, sort of different!!The weird thing was the tourists who walked in, took photos of each over in front of the bones and walked straight back out again, we needed time to take it in.

ELMERC said...

Very nice couple. Here's to a happy and prosperous life together. Love all the pictures as well. Too bad about the flood though. Elaine Cooke

Jan said...

Wow so much beauty from the bizarre, can't wait to see what you come up with.Jx