Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gold Foil and Misty Fuse - Part Two

Once again I painted the white Misty Fuse, but this time with Jacquard Dye-Na-flow paints. This photo shows the webbing after it had been removed from the freezer paper – the colours are so much more vibrant than when using acrylic paint.
I did find that these fabric paints took an awful lot longer to dry than the acrylics and the underside, the side which had been next to the freezer paper, was very tacky - the webbing kept wanting to stick to itself, but I would certainly use them again for this technique.

In each of the samples I have laid the painted Misty Fuse with the tacky side facing up.

For the first sample I have laid a sheet of painted Misty Fuse on the bottom, layered with Angelina standard fix fibres and a plain white Misty Fuse on the top.This photo shows the coloured side uppermost.

And this photo shows the white side uppermost.
I bonded this piece to a dark coloured velvet and machine stitched in rows before bonding a copper coloured foil, quite liberally on top.
This is the same piece after a session with the heat gun
In this sample I have sandwiched a layer of standard fix Angelina Fibres on top of a sheet of Irise foil between two sheets of coloured webbing.
This is the upper side.
And this is the back.
As you can see, the front and the back always look slightly different all depending on how you layer the ‘fillings’.

This side has green foil bonded on top.
And was then zapped.
And this side has gold foil bonded on top.
And was then zapped.
This sample has a bottom layer of coloured Misty Fuse with Angelina Fibres and snippets of Irise foil on top. There are also gold sequins included by accident. I had a packet of something called ‘Angel Hair; which I thought might be nice to use. It’s a gold fibre with lots of gold star sequins attached. But when I took it out of the packet it is very coarse – pity the poor angel who has hair like this – and the sequins were loose so of course they went everywhere and no way was I going to pick them all out of the Angelina!
The top layer to finish the sandwich is black Misty Fuse. This particular piece looks very rich with the red showing through the black – well worth taking further.
Black side uppermost.

Coloured side uppermost.
Oops! I was a bit heavy handed with the iron when I bonded the foil. All you need is a very light touch and the foil will just adhere to the raised areas.
I stitched this piece to Kunin felt so I could see what would happen when I came to zap it with the heat gun.
I also used the heat gun on the back, the Kunin felt side, and this close up shows you how the colours peek through when viewed from the front.
This piece is black Misty Fuse with Angelina fibres and snippets of metallic thread.
I thought I would have a go at making the bowl as in the original article by Brenda Weeks for Workshop on the Web.

I machine stitched in a rough circle to give some stability to the base of the bowl and bonded gold foil on top.
After dissolving the Solufleece the piece of fabric was moulded to the inside of the bowl and left to dry. Once dry the heat gun was used, still with the fabric inside the bowl.
And this is the result.

Hmmm! I think I really need to have another go at this - it was such a lovely piece of fabric to begin with :)
For the final sample, which I forgot to photograph before using, I used white Misty Fuse with trapped Angelina Fibres and metallic threads inside then used a zig-zag machine stitch on top. On this piece I used a wonderful turquoise coloured foil - available from Fibre in-Form.
I cut strips from this one to make beads.
Each strip was wrapped around a knitting needle then held in place with a pin before using the heat gun on it to secure the ends.
Once they had cooled I rubbed them lightly with Treasure Gold – well, I just had to use it somewhere didn't I? :)


neki desu said...

what you've done is just plain awesome!

neki desu

Sandy said...

Yummy. More wonderful examples to make me want to run to the studio. Thanks for the inspiration, Sandy

Pat said...

What a clever one you are. I keep reading these posts trying to fix it all in my mind, how you come up with it all is amazing. The photographs are brilliant.

Carol said...

Oh babe, i don't know where to start, these are just bloddy amazing, and if this wasn't blogger i would go for a stronger word! Love the bowl, love the beads and the piece with the green is awesome. well done you. Love the way this is going for you. Liked the kunin felt zapped too.Clever clever you!

sharon young said...

Hi Lynda
Gorgeous beads and that turquoise is a wonderful colour, can't wait to get my foils and have a go.
The only thing is, I'll be bankrupt with all these yummy things you keep temptingly experimenting with LOL.
I'd forgotten about treasure gold and I've just put my order in with AVG today!
Thanks for the info on Solufleece, I'm now 99% certain that it's what I've got, from your description.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

You sold me - have ordered some of your foils to add to the ones I already have. The stock mounts.
Like the beads.
Waiting to see all the thinks you create with all the fabrics you have made.

Doreen G said...

Stop Stop....I can't keep up----
I love the beads Lynda as well as all the other stuff--when do you sleep?

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely pictures! All this looks very yummy again...

Carol said...

Once again fabulous samples, just love the effect of the foil on the layers

pascale said...

i just love your works, but what are you actually going to do with all these fascinating surfaces

Micki said...

Well you have done it again. Such amazingly wonderful samples. Now I am getting the feeling that these are not just experiments, that somewhere in the back of your brilliant mind you have an ulterior motive for all of this fun stuff.

Sarah said...

I love stopping by to see what you've been experimenting with - very inspiring!

Kim said...

Wonderful samples/experiment (as usual!)... and I'm most impressed with your photography! Given the reflective quality of all this stuff, great job!

Gina said...

Lots of lovely samples on the last couple of posts Lynda. I particularly like the one on the kunin felt after it has been zapped away - but then I am partial to a bit of zapping! Beads are gorgeous too - fab colours.

Ro Bruhn said...

This is incredible, the results are super. Love the beads

Julie said...

Lynda, I have nominated you for the "You Make My Day Award" for all the work you put into sharing your expertise and the wonderful work you create. If you iwsh to pass it on the rules are on my blog.

PS I am coming back to read this post properly. IT's amazing!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lynda, I've given you a "You make my day" award - see my blog for details.

Michele said...

Wow! these are wonderful! I'm inspired to play with my misty fuse, angelina fibers, and all those other wonderful "toys" in my craft room!

MargaretR said...

These are all beautiful Lynda.

Susaneta said...

Luscious work Lynda. I love the rich feel to the pieces. Thanks for the comments on blog - thought I would swing by and check out yours - very inspiring!

Anna said...

I've tagged you for make my day award ( hope you dont mind) - you have always inspired me and made my day!!

sharon young said...

Hi Lynda
Hope you don't mind but I have just awarded you the ' You make my day award', my reason are on my blog post.

Carol said...

Hia , i have nominated you for the You make my day award. Dont feel obliged to do anything if you don't want to, just wanted to say your blog makes my day!

katelnorth said...

wow, you've been busy, Lynda - and thanks for all the photos of your experiments. I love that bowl...

Dianne said...

Lynda - you really are a marvel!! (I think I've said that before). I love these samples!! The bowl is gorgeous, and the beads look pretty luscious.

Beate Knappe said...

I like your Art and I like to read your blog, therefore I give you the "make my day award"

hippopip said...

I found the painting on foil, really inspiring, as indeed your blog always is.I had a go and had to use PVA glue instead of the Golden medium and it has worked a treat,just thought you might be interested, keep up the great work, many thanks Pippa

Becky Vigor said...

I like those beads, what a great idea of how to use your samples. Also I noticed that you have a changing photo on your sidebar. How did you do that? It looks great :)

Amy said...

I love all of the samples you have shown and I have started a list of material I need to pick up to try a few. The beads are fantastic.

clevelandgirlie said...

These beads are TO DIE FOR. They are absolutely stunning -- I MUST have a go at this. I can think of 1,000 uses for these little treasures!