Saturday, November 10, 2007

OK slushy bit first....
It's a year ago today that I started this blog!
And what made me start? Well, a number of reasons really, but the main one was the fact that I gave up the terrible weed (cigarettes that is!) and needed something to keep me occupied - and I'm pleased to say it has worked :)
I never thought I would get into blogging, but I am amazed at the amount of wonderful friends from all over the world I have made over the past year.
And yes, there have been low moments, but generally on the whole, bloggers are a very caring and sharing community and I count myself fortunate that I am a part of that .
So thank you to all you lovely people out there who read this blog and comment on what I have been up to.

Speaking of comments, as you know its impossible to reply sometimes because of a missing email address. Karen left a comment on the last post asking how I joined the seams at the back of these Dressels so I will answer it here.

If I am going to gesso or paint over the fabric I would just oversew the seam. As you can see below once the paint is applied you don't really notice the seam anyway. But bear in mind all these Dressels I have made so far have just been 'mockettes', different ideas I have been trying out. If I were making them to exhibit or sell they would be finished off a lot neater than this.
This seam has been oversewn:

This seam on the 'Ra-Ra Dressel' was joined using mattress stitch.
And this seam on the 'Denim Dressel' is ideal as the seam becomes a part of the finished design.
And this weeks Dressel?
I cobbled this one together in spare moments during the week. Do you realise how difficult it is to sew beads on to wire using a wire thread - especially when you only have the odd ten minutes before you have to rush off to work? The ends of my fingers were like a pincushion :)

This one is especially for Val (Homeleightigger) who thought of weddings when she saw the 'Blackpool Dressel'.

I used cotton over two layers of batting and marked out diamond shapes which I then machined over. A bead was sewn on where the lines crossed.
The fabric was attached to a cardboard tube then gesso was applied followed by a coat of white acrylic paint.
The 'veil' and 'tiara' were knitted in one piece with 0.2m gauge enamelled copper wire on the knitting machine in plain stocking stitch. Beads were then sewn on.
To make the 'bridal bouquet' I knitted a straight piece of wire in stocking stitch.
This was sandwiched between two layers of organza.I used the sewing machine to stitch an outline of a petal shape which was then zig zagged around the edges and cut out close to the stitching. The heat gun was used to melt back the organza on both sides, but not totally. This has left them nice and 'crunchy'.Curly-whirlys were made using 0-5 mm wire. Then all these pieces were fixed together and attached to the veil. And here we have it:

'Wedding Dressel'


Homeleightigger said...

I'm absolutely bowled over (and extremely honoured) that my comments on your l940's Dressel inspired you to make this one. It is amazing how you interpret words (or ideas) into fiber and stitch. Just beautiful! Val

neki desu said...

i'd love to see an animation with all of them parading as bridesmaids behind her!
mockettes-i love the term!
happy anniversary and keep off the grass:):)

neki desu

Susan D said...

Congratulations on your blog birthday. I'm so glad you decided to start and look forward to many more years of online friendship with you.

Brilliant!!! If that is was you do in spare minutes what will you do when you have a few hours to work in.

Annica said...

You've done it again Lynda! Another great piece!

Happy anniversary! And well done staying away from the cigaretts!

Vicki W said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love your new wedding dressel. They are all beautiful.

Sequana said...

I've already been trumped I see, but that was my exact thot. Imagine what you'd be creating if you ever had enough time! Of course, none of us ever does, right? Such beautiful pieces.

I like the thot of a wedding party also...*S*....

Pat said...

I always cry at weddings!!!!As usual super, who could imagine blogland without you. Congratulations on your anniversary and your will power.

Quilt Pixie said...

I'm amazed at your creativity in 10 minute found blocks of time! I can't seem to even get to my sewing machine, little own make something creative and beautiful!

Sandy said...

Thanks for explaining your process-very interesting. The results you achieve are outstanding. Sandy

Jacquelines blog said...

Congratulations! I agree with Pat,What would be blogland without you? This dressel is again gorgeous. What a great series this is gonna be.

Doreen G said...

Well Lynda where do you go from here?Will we get a royal dressel.
I admire what you do and feel inspired by everything as well.Congratulations on your blog-a-birthday and I agree with the others about your commitment to blogland---where would we be without you.

Carol said...

Oh my Lynda! You have done it again, this is just superb. I know I have said it before but it bears repeating, these are just getting better and better. I love them. Happy Bloggy birthday friend, like you I never realised what blogging would bring to my life, I am so proud to consider you one of good friends as a result of this blog. Get that exhibition venue ready! Love and kisses!

kay susan said...

Happy blogiversary Linda! I love wedding dressel, I think it's quite mad! and what a technique....Wow.

sharon young said...

Hi Lynda
What can I say that hasn't already been said? You must have a great sense of humour and fantasy. This dressel is the most enchanting so far and I love the idea neki desu had of animating them, that would be too amazing! It maskes me smile just to think of it.

Happy blog birthday and thanks so much for making such a brilliantly entertaining and informative blog!

BTW the curley-whirly tool looks useful.

Joanna van said...

Wow, some super ideas I see coming. How neat would that be a "royal" wedding dressel. I agree we need the wedding party haha. Hey, you could even consider the "wedding crasher dressel"? I wonder what this would be haha.
Very lovely Lynda.

Penny said...

I dont know how you do it, working as well, but this is magnificent. I cant wait to see what you will do next, obviously we all need knitting machines! Keep up the fun, I am sure some of our outback here in Australia could be a dressel too.

Dianne said...

Happy blogiversary!!! I'm so glad you were inspired to start a blog - as what would we do without you!!??

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Lynda! Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I am so glad I have "met" you via blogland and I look forward to the day when it becomes a meeting over a beautiful meal and glass of wine! It will happen. Now to dressel-stuff: this is a magnificient example of your creativity - just incredible - so much detail, I love it!! As they say in the classics "You blow me away!"!

Ruth said...

Great job again Lynda! Your wedding dressel is gorgeous. Congrats on your Blogiversary! Have a great day!

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

Just exquisite! Well worthy of the time, effort and tender fingertips!!!

Julie said...

Woooowwwwww! I somehow missed this post and have just found it. This dressel is absolutely gorgeous! You are indeed a gifted lady! BTW Happy Blogversary, here's to the next year!