Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ally Pally - Day Two

Another fantastic day. Managed to see the exhibits this time. Amazing work.
This show just gets bigger and better each year.
Got to say hello to someone whose work I have admired for some time.
Clyde Olliver.
Really nice guy. He wasn't actually exhibiting this time which was a shame. And he's unable to blog at the moment because he is far too busy but hopefully it won't be long before he is updating us again with his current work.

I did a RAK today, which made someone so happy they had a cry :(
Went along to Alysn Midgelow-Marsdens' stand to get her latest book signed for a friend, a copy of which I had bought myself yesterday.
A fantastic book, a real must-have.
And here is Alysn. Another real gem of a textile artist.


Jacquelines blog said...

This looks like another great book that must be on my shelf too...Please stop now, don't tell us about all the beautiful stuff you bought also, because otherwise I have to go to my boss (the bank) for a loan :-) Seriously, this Ally Pally show definitely sounds great. I must consider this....

Carol said...

Ok, I am going to own up it was me she made cry :)
Lynda bought the book and had Alyson sign it for me, a wonderful surprise,from a wonderful friend.

Julie said...

I wasn't aware of this book but it looks like (another) one I'll have to buy (don't tell my DH lol).

Dianne said...

Lucky you meeting all of these talented people and going to Ally Pally!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the book. Where can I purchase it? I checked Art Van Go's website and didn't find it. When I Google it, I get your blog. Can you help me?

Emily Buchanan my e-mail