Sunday, April 29, 2007

Catching up

All these came in the post last week!

The first is an ATC from Francoise of 'Creatilfun'. Francoise had said on her blog that the first person to leave a comment would be sent an ATC - so I jumped right in there! What Francoise actually said was 'the first person to leave a nice comment' - but how could anyone not leave a nice comment on this blog?

She also very kindly included some of her hand dyed fabric and a piece of 'Angel Wire'. Thank you Francoise.

Sarah of ‘And Sew On’ sent me the fabric page swap for March. A little late as her newborn grandbaby Elijah was premature with a few problems so life was a bit hectic for her. Pleased to say Elijah is now home from hospital and doing well. Sarah has done a really good job with this page, its wonderful. The tag is lovely too and to top it all the page came wrapped in a piece of ‘zebra’ tissue paper which I have not seen before – it will be put to very good use. Thanks Sarah.

The next fabric page to arrive was from Terri ‘StegArt’. Fabulous as ever, it has one of Terris' wonderful drawings on the front. This lady is very talented. The beautiful tag has the same fibre around the outside as Sarahs has. As I keep saying, these books are going to look amazing when they are finished. Thanks Terri.

This parcel was from Doreen ‘Creative Meanderings’. I sent something over for Doreen that she was having trouble getting hold of and in return she sent me all these buttons!

Hundreds of them. Some really nice ones too. They’ll be going with my other bucket load of buttons.
I hadn't seen these ones before. Some metal and pearl buttons with Harry potter printed on them.
I finished the last of the inchies swap on Textile Challenges. These emerald ones are for Hannah who should have received them by now. I did nine different techniques and mounted them onto tags which had been covered in emerald tissue paper and rubbed with Treasure Gold. The techniques included: Metallic foil on organza, Embellishing, Slashing, Painted Lutrador with melted wax crayons and glitter, Net and beads melted between two layers of shrink wrap. I hope Hannah likes them.

And this is what I have been up to this weekend - displacement activity again!

This first one - unfinished - is for the TAST challenge, running stitch, a nice easy one. I used a thin layer of gesso to attach a piece of scrim to a canvas and using a cotton thread I am following the contours of the scrim. When I have finished stitching I will then paint, ink, bleach or whatever.

I have been watching the first couple of DVD's in the series Complex Cloth by Jane Dunnewold. I was so inspired by this lady that I grabbed a load of fabric, wrapped it with elastic bands and dunked it in a dyebath. I'm quite pleased with the results even though they are not too good, they are a bit pale, I should have put more powdered dye in the dyebath. Jane uses mostly silk but apart from one piece of silk noil, these are all cottons - organdie, mousse, calico, etc. Silk is a bit too expensive to practise on - maybe next time.

And these two are both canvases with textile bits added. Got carried away a bit with the copper Treasure Gold on the first one, but really like the effect of the 'rust' one. These canvases are 30 x 30 cms.

Finally, this:

Dianne of FaeryDi's Fibre Feats and Peggy of Create Fabric Art, both nominated me for a 'Thinking Blogger Award'. I feel very honoured that these two amazingly talented ladies rate my blog that highly. Thank you Dianne and Peggy.

The idea now is for me to nominate 5 other bloggers that I think deserve an award but feel unable to do so for fear of upsetting anyone. There are some brilliant blogs out there, take a look at my list of links at the side (which is very much in need of updating) and you will see some of them.

There is one blogger though that I would especially like you all to go and have a look at. Helen is relatively new to quilting but already her stash could rival even the most seasoned of quilters!

Helens blog is very witty and generally light hearted. She has a wonderful way with words and her posts usually make you smile or even laugh out loud. It reminds me very much of the penultimate page in a lot of magazines where someone writes a column each issue with their view on life in general. This is a really good read, one not to be missed - and she makes darn good quilts too!!

Go have a look at 'From Down the Well'


StegArt said...

Wow what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon, browsing all your new fun photos. Those fabrics you dyed are yummy.

Barbara said...

busy, busy, busy! Do you have time to eat something?:)))

Vicki W said...

Great stuff! I don't know where to start but the black/white/red pages are really nice. I jsut bought Complex Cloth and didn't even know that the DVD's existed - I guess I need to add them to my wish list! The fabrics that you dyed with her techniques are fantastic and I always love your TAST samples!

Susan D said...

I love the colours you have dyed the fabrics in. I can't wait to have a go at dyeing, (fabrics not me). I'd never of thought of using canvases in textile work. I've got a few that I bought cheaply that I can have an experiment on when I have time.

Debbi B said...

I just love the canvas pieces - they are so rich. Love reading your blog too by the way, it is always so interesting! Debbi B

Papoosue said...

Wow! Wow! and Wow! you have been busy. Lovely dyeing by the way! And thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, you warmed the cockles of me eart'! xxxxxxxx

Jacquelines blog said...

That was some catching up! Love the canvases and also the buttons from Doreen!!!

MargaretR said...

Those canvases of yours are so yummy. Really wonderful work Lynda.

Micki said...

Wow, that is a lot to look at. Your canvases are great. Love the pages for your book.

Carol said...

That was a post worth waiting for, Love the dyed fabric, I think they have turned out really well, and the canvases are wonderful.

Waltraud said...

Wonderful pieces - especially this fo r the TAST challenge.

Rachel said...

Found your blog courtesy of Carol McFee's blog. So glad I took a look: you are doing some wonderful things! Plus now I know there are Harry Potter buttons, which I'll have to go find for myself.

Peggy said...

I can`t wait to see the result. I like the colours and stuff.
regards Peggy

Dianne said...

What a great post!! Wonderful ATC and great pages!!
The canvases are fantastic - especially love the first one. I have Jane's book too, but might have to invest in her DVD..... (Oh, it's never ending.....) Always so much inspiration on your blog!!

Anonymous said...

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