Friday, October 10, 2014

Just look at these gorgeous threads that arrived from Germany.
And guess what?
They have been named after me. How wicked is that.
They are from Anne Lange who also has other threads named after different textile artists: Sandra Meech, Richard Box, Marilyn Pipe, Janet Edmonds.
So I'm not totally unique but what an honour to have threads named after you. :)

This year is the first year I have been unable to go to Ally Pally since the very first show. I have all the programmes from the shows (how sad is that) but will be missing the one for 2014. 
Back, legs and knees have been really bad,finding it very difficult to walk and I just couldn't face it. Finally went to the doctor, thought it was either Sciatica or hips but he pulled my legs about for some time and decided it is Lumbago - what an old fashioned word that is. Anyway, he has given me some really strong painkillers and advised me to walk more to loosen up the muscles. They are beginning to work already so maybe, just maybe I might make it on Sunday.
Trying to convince husband that I really do need to get me a puppy very soon to encourage me to walk more and of course it really needs to be two Labs so that they can keep each other company. Still got a way to go with that one!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your threads are beautiful, and what an honour to have them named after you! Hope your back issues are soon resolved and that you can convince your hubby about the puppies. Perhaps you could just have them follow you home?

Heather said...

Those threads are gorgeous. Lumbago can bee so painful and I hope you are beginning to feeling more comfortable. I would love to go to Ally Pally but just know my feet and legs would never last the day.

Pat said...

I so missed seeing you, I hope the pain killers are doing their job and you make it on Sunday, Threads are lovely, wll deserved honour. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Su said...

What lovely threads - will they be on sale at Acton? I really enjoyed meeting you at the opening. I went to Ally Pally yesterday, I spent enough money for me and you!!! Hope you feel better soon.

vintagerockchick said...

Lovely to see you back on here Lynda - saw Viv at Ally Pally on Weds and she said you had back problems - poor you, hope it improves soon xx

Julie said...

The threads are just gorgeous, I hope they are helping you feel more comfortable. Back pain is horrible. I'm sure a couple of puppies will make you feel much better, ask Wendy ;-)

Anna said...

What an honour, beautiful colours. Hope the back improves.

Helen Suzanne said...

What a lovely complement Lynda ! They are lovely shades too. Good luck with the dog idea, lol

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