Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fen Edge Textiles

We had our Fen Edge Textile group meeting at Cottenham today and after the 'business' part of the meeting Pauline showed us the basics of 'Wired Petals, Pods and Leaves'. She is teaching this workshop at ArtVanGo next Friday, 31st May. Lucky you, if you are on the workshop.:)

I took a few photos of some of the members of the group working.

This is Janet, our sort-of newest member:
 Our 'personal shopper' Sharne:
 Our youngest member, Diane:
Our lovely webmaster, Ann:
 Our Christines hands:
Our Pam, a very talented machine sewing expert:
 And last, but not least, our Sue:
It's taken me a long time to remember to take my camera to different events and even longer to remember to get it out and use it! But I'm getting there.


Diane Kelsey said...

Such a nice comment and title!

Libertybelle said...

I'm missing you all already. So lovely to see you all at work. Xxx

Heather said...

Everyone looks very industrious. It's lovely being part of a group. I'm sure everyone on the workshop will have a wonderful time.

Gillian Salmons said...

Looks like a happy and very talented group. Gilli @ Tasty Textiles