Thursday, April 28, 2011


…the bit I like best of all!

I got the idea for this technique from Kim at Nid-Noi and have just been playing around with different fabrics and seeing what happens.

You layer up Vilene Dissolvable (Solufleece) with Bondaweb and put your fabric on top, machine stitch in tramlines then steam. And what you end up with is a lovely scrunched up fabric.

I bonded foil to all of the pieces of fabric before stitching and steaming.

This one is lightweight Lutradur with a copper foil.CC


I usually like to ‘tidy’ my samples up and mount them as I think it can make them look better but in this instance because of the ruffled edges they look better as they are – so I will just have to restrain myself from making them neater. :)

The next three all use this fabric sent to me some time ago by a very good friend.FABRIC



Organza has been laid over the top of this one and then zapped after ‘crashing’.



Bronze coloured foil has been used for this one again with organza over the top and then zapped. I then lightly ironed on Fuse FX and applied gold foil on the surface and zapped again.



Did the same as above with this one using a copper coloured foil underneath and on top and on a plain red background.



Going to take the soldering iron to them next and see what happens. Great fun.

Am off to Enfield EG on Saturday to teach a workshop. Really looking forward to it. 

And tomorrow? Well, I can think of better things I should be doing but ………


Carol said...

You can do this with kunin / cheap acrylic felt on the back, my blog banner is done like this. Nice to see you around

Heather said...

What lovely effects you have achieved with these samples, and thanks for sharing them with us and passing on your techniques. See you at the wedding?!!

Sandy said...

Nice samples. Too much fun.

Doreen G said...

Great samples Lynda---glad to see you are getting lots of teaching workshops--lucky students.

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

Your sharings are always great!
What would happen if you did larger, meandering stitch lines? I should be asking myself; I bought a similar sounding US product a couple of years ago but haven't gotten around to playing with it,

Wendy said...

I recognise that fabric - I had a piece :)

What could be better than sampling? This summer we will come and see you, next time I see Julie we will get our diaries out and fix a day.

vintagerockchick said...

Great samples - I love all of them and I definitely want to have a go - I can see them with little beads stitched into the dips. I bet Enfield are looking forward to it too x

liniecat said...

.....I bought some of that off kim too.......must get round
Nice fabric that and great use of foil with it as well......

neki desu said...

interesting! does the fabric hand get altered? some months ago i tested fabric magic with similar results.'s basically a poly fabric that turns into plastic when heated. like backing fabric w awning fabric. not pleasant.

Val said...

Fabulous experiments Lynda - love them all, for different reasons!!

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