Thursday, June 07, 2007

In the post

The Rust-Tex CD.
Am now going to have another go at rust dyeing and hope to get some far better results. This CD will be reviewed in the first issue of Fibre & Stitch along with an article written especially for us by Lois Jarvis. Definitely one not to be missed!

A fabulous postcard from Carol Clasper of ‘A Stitch in Time’. Carol has been blogging for a whole year now and she sent these cards out to everyone who left a comment. This is a really good blog, very interesting and very informative with lots of brilliant photographs. Carol was brave enough to send this wonderful piece of art through the post just as it is and obviously the Post Office realised how precious it was – they didn’t even put it through their franking machine! Thank you Carol, I've had a great time working out the techniques you used.

And finally, just a reminder of what a sharing bunch us bloggers are. I sent Dianne ‘Faery Di’ a little something as a surprise which I knew she wanted and this is what she sent me in return. Some gorgeous coloured threads and...

this wonderful little handmade book which Mags, Digital Gran, refers to as a 'Faery Book'. Its really special. Thank you Dianne.


StegArt said...

I can't wait to read your review of the CD. And that card from Carol.....wowzer! And those treats from Dianne, wowzer, some more!

Susan D said...

Bloggers certainly are a generous bunch I've just been sent a book from the US.

Sue B said...

That postcard is fabulous. I got one of Dianes little faery books too, I love it.

Micki said...

You had some wonderful mail. Love Carol's postcard and Dianne's book is awesome.

Dianne said...

After my dismal rust dyeing effort, I think I better have a good read of the review of the DVD and of Lois' article.... That card from Carol is gorgeous!! Glad my little goodies arrived ok - and thankyou!!

Jacquelines blog said...

Lucky you, both the postcard and the book are lovely! I am very curious what you're review is on the CD. Do we really have to wait to the first issue????

Carol said...

I am glad you like your postcard.

Love those threads and your book is simply gorgeous.

Helen in the UK said...

That postcard by Carol is amazing! Even more amazing that is came through the post unscathed!!

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