Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sample 2

This is the sample I worked recently for Feather Stitch.
It was worked on Hessian with thick cotton thread, covered with a layer of gel medium then tin foil was placed on top and painted with acrylics and sprinkled with sea salt.
When the foil was dry I gently removed it and as you can see it still holds its shape although a thicker foil would have been much better.

The stitching was given a coat of acrylic gesso then acrylic paint in Quinacridone Crimson and Phthalo Turquoise was painted on. Once dry acrylic Flow Enhancer was painted on the raised areas supposedly to give the appearance of old bones!

The whole piece was then covered with tissue paper and gesso.

Black writing ink was painted on the top then sea salt was sprinkled on. When this was dry, bleach was brushed on over the top.

This photo shows the piece when it was still wet…..

…..this is when it had dried…..

…..and this piece shows it the following day.

The rest of these photos are close ups. I like looking at these close ups because sometimes it is hard to believe that what you see is just fabric, stitch and wet medium.

This last photo is especially for Mags - tell me what you see Mags?


Carol said...

I see a little man with a beard in the bottom left corner! I love these Lynd, they are so inspirational, I must have a go at it it looks like fun.

Jacquelines blog said...

It looks great, and so many beautifull pictures. I wish I could have joined you that day with experimenting. what a result!

Doreen G said...

Great stuff Lynda.
I see a child holding onto it's mothers leg.
And no I haven't been drinking either

Micki said...

More cool stuff. Looks like fun.

StegArt said...

Way cool! You should teach classes.

Sue B said...

Awesome stuff Lynda! I see that figure in the lower right of the last photo, looks a little like casper the friendly ghost!

Carol said...

Love the result of this experimenting Lynda

Nancilyn said...

Each project seems to surpass the next, Missy Purple. Thank you for providing notes on procedure for the many of us who would like to experiment further. With this project, there were several stages where I might have considered it done. I hope you are journaling all this!

Nancilyn said...

Oh, and as to the last picture, first I saw half of a woman's face, upper left. Next time I looked I saw the same face with a nude torso next to it. Last time I looked it looked like "The Scream" (Edward Munch)in the lower right section. Wait... is this a test?

Alis said...

I love the textures you create.
Hugs, Alis

Dianne said...

More wonderful experiments!! They all have such a wonderful organic look to them.