Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fabric Page Swap - Book Cover Part One

I am part of a Yahoo group called ‘Fibre Art Friends’ started by
Sue Bleiweiss and Terri Stegmiller a few months ago. It’s a very exciting group with lots of activities planned for the coming months. There are only 16 of us in the group, which means that you can get to know everyone personally which is very nice.

We have two monthly challenges ongoing at the moment. The first is a technique challenge. Each month we will explore a different technique in experimental ways and then share our findings with the group. This will enable us to learn from each other. The challenge for January is ‘Paper and Fabric combined’ and already we have a long list of different papers we can use to work with, some of which I had never considered before such as Joss paper and Butchers paper!

The second monthly challenge is a ‘Fabric Page Swap’. This is very exciting. There are 10 of us in the group taking part in this swap. We have each chosen our own theme and have made a book cover ready to take all the pages once the swap is finished. Each month you make a page for another member of the group based on their chosen theme and colour preference and they make a page for you based on your chosen theme, using any technique you like. The pages have to be 9 x 9 inches and we also have to make a label to go on the back of our page. Some members have decided to use the monthly technique challenge to make their swap page.

My theme and colour preference is ‘Black & White & a dash of Red’ and this is the book cover I have created. I’m not really sure that it is complete yet, especially down the sides and I’m not too sure about all the dangling threads. I shall leave it as it is for now until I decide how I am going to bind my pages. The back will be made from close up photos of the front – more of that later.

My first swap is with Emmy, best known as ‘Cramzy’. Her theme & colour preference is ‘Green and Blue’. You can see Emmys book cover here.
I think some of the themes are going to be quite difficult to translate into fabric such as ‘Celestial Bodies’ luckily in any colour and ‘If you want it done – ask a woman!’ in shades of green – now that one will be really tricky!


Helen in the UK said...

Love your book cover. I like the trailing threads too. I'd definately leave them and see if they can be kept when you assemble the book :)

Sue B said...

I think this cover is wonderful and I really like those hanging threads. It's going to be a great swap!

Kim said...

Liking the cover more and more - especially the wild threads. Don't worry about the theme - it's going to be great!

Carol said...

Love the cover, and love your colour choice, looking forward to swapping with you

MargaretR said...

What a lovely cover. I also enjoyed your write-up on our special group. Mags