Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Missenden Abbey Weekend

Had a great weekend teaching 'Creative Surfaces' at Missenden Abbey. 
We only had a small class this time, and then smaller because of illness, but it was decided to run it anyway. My fault. I call my workshops 'Creative Surfaces' then when it comes to it I can do whichever techniques I want to or alter everything at the last minute and nobody realises.
Consequently, when prospective students see 'Creative Surfaces' they think they have already done this workshop.
So the Summer School in August is also called 'Creative Surfaces' but even if you have been before I promise you will be learning new techniques to create surfaces and in future my workshops at Missenden Abbey will have specific titles and descriptions just so there is no confusion.

So back to this weekend.
We made a folded pocket book, a scrunched scrim canvas, postcards and a free-hanging piece, played with the molding paste and tissue paper technique and had a bit of a go at fragments before we run out of time. Everyone was exhausted, but as Claire said - 'a happy exhausted'.

I love reading Kim's Blog/Facebook page and looking at the photos she takes of her students work and always promise myself I will do the same. I always take the camera along - and then forget to use it! So this year I am going to make a determined effort to record all the workshops I teach.
So here we go.
Everyone hard at work:

Molding paste (and Xpandaprint, Gesso and Pumice Gel) and tissue paper samples before and after colouring:

Scrunched Scrim:

First coat of colour on Scrunched Scrim canvas:
Completed canvas:

Folded pocket books waiting to be finished off:

I wish I had managed to take some photos of the finished folded pocket books as they were all stunning. You would not believe the difference with the before and after photographs. But we had to unfold them straight away in case they were still a bit tacky.
Didn't they do well?
Thank you ladies for a lovely weekend. 


Gina said...

I spoke to your students and they were a VERY happy exhausted and produced fabulous work.

Living to work - working to live said...

I would have enjoyed that!!

liniecat said...

A successful workshop by the looks of it! and it looks to have been fun too : )

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks like fun was had by all - and some really nice creations as well.

Anna said...

It looks a fun course, great results!

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