Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Following a blip, hiccup, call it what you like, middle of last year I threw loads (which I bitterly regret) and gave the rest away (which I'm quite happy with) of my samples and finished pieces only to have a complete turnaround and decide that I do need them after all.
So I have been putting off the inevitable of re-making lots of them, thinking it would be so boring, time consuming, soul destroying.
But it hasn't been. Not at all. I am really enjoying myself discovering these techniques all over again. Even to the point where I am beginning to get that 'why don't I / what if....' feeling.
For the last couple of days I have been making tissue paper folded pocket books. These are some of the pieces ready to finish. 
This one is mustard and Indigo navy procion dye.
This one is Indigo navy procion dye one side and walnut ink sprinkled with sea salt the other.
And this one is burnt sienna and turquoise silk paint sprinkled with sea salt.
As they are they don't really look anything special but once folded always look completely different.
They have all been coated with Acrylic Wax and just need stitching around the edges, folding and embellishments added to the front.

I have also been finding time to play with my heat press. It works a dream with disperse dyes, so much quicker, easier and a lot better finish than an iron.

This print has been transferred on to Evolon that had previously been rusted - as you can see from the top half of the photograph.
And this is the second transfer on to white poly velvet.
I can get at least four really good transfers from one print before it starts to fade - and it only takes 25 seconds to do this. I'm amazed!

I have also been spending far too much time on the internet - the holiday pages. We have a big decision to make for 2016. Because DH has worked for the same company for over 45 years they have decided to reward him with a holiday of a lifetime for the two of us.(I sometimes feel that I have worked for the company that long too!!!)
Is it going to be a month in Australia, a month in the USA, maybe a tour around the major European cities or...?
My daughter has suggested that we get booked into a really posh hotel in this country for two weeks during the summer holidays then all the children and grandchildren can come too.   
Hmmm, maybe not...


Anonymous said...

all lovely new samples but you have just given me justification not to toss out stuff....

Pat said...

Takes me back, new process sounds great. I am watching this space.:-)

Denise Gannon said...

Brilliant as usual! I've been considering getting a heat press. It has just worked its way further up my 'must have' list!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It seems we go through cycles and decide that we absolutely never will need/do/want some things and it's only after we've rid ourselves of them that we have regrets. On the bright side though, it appears you are having fun with the recreations and learning things along the way. Perhaps not such a bad thing.

Wendy said...

At least you remembered that you go rid of the stuff, I have been know to spend hours searching for something, then eventually remember putting it in the wpb file :) (waste paper bin ). Your new samples are yummy, I look forward to your next experiments. I still have my bottle of dragon ink? bought because of one of your early experiments :)

Wendy said...

meant to say, WAHOO about the holiday of a lifetime. How hard it will be to chose

Julie said...

Holiday of a lifetime is amazing but so much choice! How will you decide? A heat press! who knew? Great results on the rusted fabric.

Beverley said...

Good you can remember what you did to create those samples! As always you are very creative Lynda.

Heather said...

Your samples are absolutely beautiful - I love the visual textures you have achieved.
There are so many choices when faced with that golden opportunity of a holiday of a lifetime. I'm sure, whatever you decide, that you'll have a wonderful time.

liniecat said...

LOL You see, we should keep on hoarding our bits n pieces, its a sure thing once we've turfed a thing out, we need it!
But I guess remaking some things will mean you'll stumble on to find new things to do!

Anna said...

Fun to experiment again I'm sure with great results. What fun to plan a grand escape!