Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Number Three

I gave a talk to the Romford Embroiderers Guild last Saturday - and lo and behold I remembered to take some photos. I am going to try and do that with every event I go to this year so that I have a complete record. I always take the camera but nine times out of ten am too busy rushing around to get it out!
These are a selection of the samples and finished pieces I take along with me to a talk.

After the talk I usually give a very quick demonstration and then let the audience (?) come and have a go themselves. At the moment I am demonstrating the Lutradur and Xpandaprint technique which I love. These are some of the ladies of the EG having a go.
While I was downloading these photos I found some still on the card which I had taken at an ArtVanGo workshop last October. It was called  'Fragments to Artefacts' which will also be repeated April 10-11 this year.
We  made 'memory shrines/keepers':
Postcards from fragments:
And a fabric covered canvas either to hang a sample inside like this one:
Or to 'float' a sample on the surface like these:
The pieces for the shrines were hung on an airing horse to dry after the first coat:
And again after the colour had been added:

Don't they look wonderful?


dandelion dreamer said...

Yes they do! Fab work, lucky ladies. Im sorry I missed your last workshop in Histon. Keep on playing!

sharon young said...

The workshop looks amazing, Lynda, I love the finished panels, so delicate and lace like. Your new website is superb too.

mo said...

absolutely wonderful. What a pity you don't get Xpandaprint in Germany... I seem to live in a desert! ok, so I have to order it in GB... Thanks for the books, I love them!

MargaretR said...

They look fantastic Lynda.

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful work, thanks for sharing. Cheers

WendyK said...

My goodness you have been busy. Just love all the new designs and experiments. Sketch book, WHATS THAT !!
Wendy xx

Chris Gray said...

Lovely stuff....as always!!

Looking forward to seeing those fishbones "in the flesh" :-)

x C