Sunday, January 19, 2014


This week it was the turn of the Bromley Embroiderers Guild for a talk, and a lovely bunch they were too.
As ever, I wasn't that organised and everything was all over the place:
But I think they all enjoyed it.

It was quite a busy day for me as we did a 'detour' to ArtVanGo on the way to Bromley in Kent to collect a piece of work I had left to be framed.
It's a piece I have finished for the first exhibition of the group Connected that I am part of. The exhibition is at Coventry Cathedral from the 9th - 31st August 2014. All the pieces to be shown have been made in response to items in the cathedral itself and the grounds.
These are a couple of close ups of the piece I have had framed:
The framing has been done by Val of Kendals. She has made a really good job of this, I'm very pleased. I've known Val for a while now as she is at ArtVanGo every Saturday taking orders, so if you need something framed professionally then you know where to go.

On the way back from Bromley we did another detour, this time to Rusper in West Sussex as it is my granddaughter Lotties 6th birthday on Tuesday and she wanted us to have a 'birthday tea' with her.

I did my 'ladies that lunch' bit last week with a few of the members that could make it from 'Fen Edge Textiles':
We went to La Hogue Farm Shop in Chippenham, Cambridge which I can thoroughly recommend.
Sheila looks a bit squiffy in this photo but she wasn't really - I think it was just the thought of the piece of gateau she was about to eat!!!

Still sorting out photos, I should have posted these some time ago. They were sent to me by Lutterworth Embroiderers Guild that I taught a workshop to last June. All the students finished their 'Blades' and 'Quiltlets' and they were all put on display, I think, at their Regional Day, but I may be wrong as I have lost the original email. Apologies if I am.

And once again I can finish with the words - don't they look wonderful?


Julie said...

Those were some detours Lynda! It would have taken me a week or more to get round all the places you managed. The ladies made some beautiful work.

sharon young said...

Looks like a lovely piece you're having framed. Your schedule sounds pretty busy.
Some beautiful workshop pieces on display.

joke said...

What a wonderful work. I love it.