Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of the year again and to  be honest I really don’t know why I bother to make any resolutions when I know that as sure as eggs are eggs I won't stick to them. :)
Just looking back in my notebook and I have had the same ones since 2008, just keep changing the year at the top of the page, and even now there is only one of them that I have actually kept.
Cutting down to three this year. First two are the usual but number three, and the most important, is all about blogland.
I spend far less time on the internet now that I no longer work than I ever did when I was there – even though we were not really allowed to use the internet for personal use!
I have lost touch with so many really good people and some really good blogs. I blame Google Reader for making me lazy about commenting on blogs. It’s so much easier to just read one and then move on to the next.
I know a lot of people spend more time on Facebook and Twitter than blogging nowadays  but neither of those are for me I’m afraid.
So starting Thursday (when hubby goes back to work) I intend to spend an hour each day just surfing, emailing, commenting and blogging at least once a week.
Not that anyone reading this will be remotely interested, just thought that if I put it down in black and white then maybe, just maybe, I would stick to it. :)

Have been working on some samples for the workshops I will be teaching at Textiles in Focus in February. Follow this link here to get the official 2012 programme. I will also be demonstrating throughout the three days of the show.




Checkout this blog, courtesy of a link on Liniecats blog. Fabulous. I want, I want.
Happy New Year to you all.


ANNA said...

Happy New Year to you. I read your blog through reader too and don't very often comment either. So thought I would this time :-). I am not making 'resolutios' this year as they are the usual ones of dieting etc but my family have all decided to write a list of the top five things each would like to achieve in 2012 if possible. My ideas (although I now have 11 on the list) range from the ordinary Like buying a new set of saucepans to spending a couple of weeks in New York. We will all try to help each other achieve our goals even if it is only in the form of encouragement.

Heather said...

I didn't make resolutions this year so I could enjoy a guilt free year!!
Love your samples, especially the first and last ones - beautiful. Happy New Year to you too.

Susan D said...

I gave up resolutions years ago. Use Facebook a bit but Twitter seems a waste of my valuable time. A Happy and creative New Year to you.

dianehobbit said...

Love your new book! Looking forward to seeing you in January and hoping to get to Textiles in Focus this year. Thanks for the link, I will put the date in my diary.

Wendy said...

I will look forward to more blog posts. I am looking forward to meeting you in February and if I am lucky, taking your class - form has been sent so fingers crossed. See you there :)

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi and ditto
I too do far less blogging these days. I do still look at and read a number of blogs but hardly ever comment any more. As you say - lose touch with those we got to know so well and no longer discover new blogs. I have noticed that many of the regular bloggers of a couple of years ago don't blog so much any more. I don't like or use Facebook or Twitter either.
I made no firm resolutions other than to do as much as time will allow in everything, more textiles, more photography, more travel, more AVs but not more housework!!!

Doreen G said...

I agree with you about Google reader--I do the same-skip through the posts without commenting.
Love the work that you are doing at present.

sharon young said...

I agree with the GR syndrome, just getting back to a bit more commenting myself and enjoying the company.
No real resolutions this year but lots of goals for me and my DH in our new retirement.
Looking forward to more posts, lovely textures.

glenys coombridge said...

I am certainly looking forward to more posts this year. I sometimes use Facebook but never Twitter.
But I love your samples...Makes me jealous that I live so far away from all you wonderfully creative ladies and all those wonderful shows and classes. Mmmmmmm.....
dream on........No new resolutions this year. But I do have thoughts of goals I'd like to attain. Good luck with the classes Lynda.

liniecat said...

Glad you liked Mister Finches pieces.........Im trying to convince myself that my wall hung butterfly and swallow NEED another Finch original lol
Love your book now Ive had chance to read it through and digest it..must have a look on Daisy at the workshops that accompany it now.
Resolutions................a pal suggests we call them intentions..she says thats not such a guilt loaded a word, when we fail lol
I will stick to the TRY word........I fail anyway so no harm done at all then!
Hope you have a great 2012!

Robin Mac said...

Lovely post Lynda, glad to see you back. I am another one who skips through blogs without comments as it is often just too hard! I use Facebook just to keep in touch with overseas family members - they are young and post lots of photos - haven't even bothered to find out about twitter. Happy New Year, who really cares about resolutions! Cheers

neki desu said...

happy new year to you too.
i miss your blog posts so i'll nudge you!!
as for facebook i spend less and less time over there. life's too short to cope w. all of their constant changes.

Julie said...

Happy New Year Lynda. I use Google reader too and tend to skim through so commenting gets left more and more. I'm not blogging half as much as I used to either but I do keep up with Facebook so I can keep up with waht the family are doing. I'm coming to Textiles in Focus with Wendy so I'll hope to see you there. I think Wendy's put my name on the workshop form but I'd better go and check. ;-)

Resolutions? What are they? lol