Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fen Edge Textiles

Went to my first meeting with Fen Edge Textiles on Saturday mentored by Pauline Verrinder.
A really friendly group and they made me feel very welcome.
I managed to get away without doing any work at all this time, although I have a feeling that will have to change.
I spent the day just going around and chatting to everyone about what they were working on for the planned exhibition ‘Diversity’ in 2013.
Came away with my head buzzing with ideas and have now got to work my way through them all  before starting on my own pieces. Twelve months away seems like forever but I know it will creep up on me before I know it. Scary.

There was a jumble sale, if thats what they still call them,  going on at the college in the afternoon, run by the Scout Association by the looks of things. Great fun. Haven’t been to a jumble sale in years.
Having been given the nod by Sharne I managed to pick up a bag full of old sheet music and music books. Itching to do something with them. Will make a change from dressmaking pattern tissue.
I never was very good at spotting a bargain at places like this, always too busy ‘people watching’. I love seeing all these ladies rummaging through the clothes and bric-a-brac, it never fails to raise a smile and bring Beryl Cook to mind.

And don’t you just hate it when…..
bluehand…..you find out your glove had a hole in it!

Have started to put together another couple of bodices from some of these fabrics I have been creating.
128641DH groaned and said ‘not more bodices’.
But I wanted to make something to show that this fabric can be used for wearable art.
I just feel that if I were to make a top or a jacket I would want to make it in my size. Apart from the fact it would need twice as much fabric, the fabric itself would then start to lose its appeal.
Could be wrong but some of you will know what I mean when I say that you go into somewhere like M&S and see a fabulous little number on the front of the rail in a size 8 but by the time you flick through and find it in your size it just doesn’t look quite the same. 

So its either bodices or lose weight – and I sure as heck know which one is the easiest option. 

These two samples are also made from the same fabric.
Am off to the ICHF show ‘Creative Stitches’ in Bluewater shortly and meeting up with Pat. It’s on from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th. Ideal location. A chance to get my ‘fix’ with textiles/art/crafts and then into the shopping centre for retail therapy of a different kind – although most probably just to look at those size 8’s!

Have decided to leave off the :) and the *LOL* as you should know by now that most of this is written tongue in cheek with absolutely no offence meant to anyone.


Heather said...

I need two size 8s - one for each side!
Love all your samples and the idea of incorporating sheet music into the layers is very appealing. Have fun - you might end up with musical bodices!

Wendy said...

I always seem to acquire a purple finger, no matter how much you scrub you can never get the colour from under the finger nails :)
I used to be a size 8 - I sometimes get a bit of a shock when I get a glimpse of myself unexpectedly, I still think like a size 8. hmm
Pauline V is a fab mentor and tutor, I bet you have a wonderful experience being part of Fen Edge Textiles.
I miss being able to pop to Bluewater when I feel like it, I hope you have a fab weekend, see you at TIF

dianehobbit said...

You can always rely on Sharne to find a bargain.

vintagerockchick said...

Why not a fitted waistcoat, rather than a bodice? I always find waistcoats do for size ?? what bodices do for size 8s. Well, maybe not exactly the same effect, but they're certainly flattering. And you can wear a long sleeved thermal vest underneath!

Vibrant Ice said...

Re: the hole in the glove: I had that same color on my fingers in October. I told people I was turning into a Smurf.