Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The ones that got away….

I have been overwhelmed with all the wonderful comments about ‘Fabulous Surfaces’. Thank you. :)
Just thought I would show you some of the pieces made using techniques from the book – all tissue paper of course.
Some of them didn’t fit in because of the space and well, some just didn’t fit in!
You know what its like. You start on a project and you know its not right but still you keep battling on. Well, thats what happened with some of these pieces. I’ll let you make your own mind up about which ones.

And this is the hanging in its entirety, a part of which appears on page 31, and yes, it is tissue paper!
It measures 30 x 31 inches.
The crease at the bottom isn’t part of the design – it’s just the way I have taken the photo. Mind you, the edges are unfinished – as ever.

I’ve managed to keep my hands and nails spotlessly clean for the past few days. I am teaching a workshop in BSE tomorrow. Today I have been painting and using Walnut Ink. You can guess the rest.


Julie said...

I was away on holiday when your book waspublished so was a little late ordering but it is on the way to me :-) I have a new challenge piece to make on the theme of 'archi-texture' so I know I will find lots of inspiration when your book reaches me. Congratulations on your publication! xx

Sandy said...

Editing is so hard. Thanks for showing us the extra pieces.

Jacquelines blog said...

Congratulations on the book Lynda!

Robin Mac said...

Those extra pieces are all beautiful Lynda, especially the green/blue vessel. Thanks for showing them to us. I am getting frustrated with too many other things happening for me to get a good go on with experimenting from your book! Cheers.

jacky ives said...

They all look good to me! Who are the lucky ladies in BSE? Not me :(
I am getting your book for Christmas, I ordered it but wasn't allowed to look at it!!

Heather said...

They all look good to me, and you are not alone in getting inky fingers.
The book is wonderful and I don't know what to start with!

Linda said...

I just love everything here Lynda, especially the long tall vessels. Thank you for sharing these with readers, and thank you for helping me with the book purchase. I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival here, which I do hope is before Christmas. Hope the class goes well, and can't wait to see what you've been up to with Walnut Ink.

neki desu said...

the dress is adorable!what's the scale?
pray thee share please! how do you keep your nails clean?