Saturday, December 12, 2009

Free Workshop

Apologies for using the blog to advertise the Fibre in-Form website, especially after not posting for so long, but just wanted to tell you about a freebie workshop that Carol has just added. It’s a taster for a new workshop planned for early next year called ‘Out of the Cupboard'.This one is called ‘A Fascination with Foil’ and explains the techniques that Carol has used to create some really great samples using kitchen foil. Follow this link to download: Free Taster Workshop

I too have been busy creating. Am beginning to wonder if I will ever tire of ‘rusty’ surfaces and effects. Maybe I ought to make a new years resolution to put a bit of colour back into my life!And some other 'rusty' surfaces.

I intend to save these two pieces for something special - not sure what though.
And doesn’t this just make your eyes pop? Looks like the turquoise is floating on the surface.
Had a lovely treat in the post a couple of weeks back. It was from Gloria who came over to the UK for a few weeks and we had made plans to meet – several times – but for one reason and another it just didn’t happen unfortunately. Hopefully next time. Anyway, she sent me this:As I said to Gloria, this must be one of the sweetest things I have ever tasted – it was absolutely delicious. Gloria called it a biscuit but it was the size of a cake. It’s just a good job they don’t sell them in the local supermarket!

Also received these from Tracy.Made from crisp and sweet bags. I’ve been sending (empty) crisp bags over to Tracy – she loves the Walkers Sensations and the McCoys bags – and this is what she does with them, and is making quite a name for herself too. Tracy sells them in her 'Squiggle Chick' Etsy shop and has also been featured in several places. They really are fun things to have, everyone comments on them.

One of the guys bought this in for me the other day. Photos not very good as they were taken in the garage, I intend to take some in the daylight as soon as it’s a bit brighter. Can you guess what it is?It’s a wasp nest. Amazing isn’t it. It is very fragile. This one is about 2 feet wide by 18 inches high and was under his thatched roof. This is a piece that fell off the end. Once I have taken some decent photographs of the outside I’m going to slice it open and take a look at the inside. I thought I might preserve a slice of it in resin. I certainly want to use it as source material to create a textile piece. I just think how amazing it is that something so unsavoury can produce something as beautiful as this.
It’s amazing too how much I have learned about wasps since this came into my possession. If I were to appear on Mastermind this would be my specialist subject. *LOL*

Is it me or is 'Strictly' not so exciting this year? All seems a bit of a farce. Very disappointed. Even bought a new flat screen TV to replace the dinosaur we had - what a waste. :(


Julie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you're not enjoying "Strictly" so much this year :-( Don't tell my DH about the flat screen, he's desperate to get one! lol

The wasps' nest is amazing isn't it? I wouldn't like one in my loft but you have a fantastic photo opportunity there and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see you do something with the fibres!

Your vessels are gorgeous too. I shall now go and download the taster. Thank you :)

Gina said...

Some lovely surfaces Lynda and the wasp nest is amazing. I would have agreed with you about Strictly until this evening... wonderful dancing! I was on the edge of my seat. Thanks for your kind email... I've been rubbish at replying but been a little preoccupied with degree work.

Heather said...

Your rust surfaces are wonderful - rust has such lovely colours and texture. That must have been a huge wasp nest - I am astounded that insects can build such a complicated and beautiful structure. Love the things you received in the post - very trendy but practical too. Thanks for the info on the taster lesson - I'm off to take a look.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Love your vessels and rusty surfaces. I tried taking a photo of an empty wasp nest that was in my mothers garden, it was too high up even with using zoom, to get any good pics.
Thank you for the taster lesson. Happy Christmas

Micki said...

Hi Lynda. Love the rusted vessels. Off to check out the taster lesson.

Doreen G said...

Zowie Lynda I can see lots of inspiration in that wasps nest.

Liz said...

Wow, that wasp's nest... awesome. And ... rust has loads of colour really!!!

Vicki W said...

You create the most amazing textures!

Val said...

I love those rust containers Lynda - they are just full of colour! Glorious! Wow! that wasps nest......!

Ruth said...

Isn't rust considered a color? Anyways, your vessels are gorgeous. I love wasp nests, just can't stand the wasps.

dorie said...

one could say it's al the same, but one who knows about nature can see the life in texture and colour! Nature's colours and textures are never, never, NEVER boring. Please keep on going, it's so inspirational! Xd