Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sorry, not a proper blog entry as such, just wanted to point you in the direction of the d4Daisy site where you can read all about the fantastic giveaways that are happening with the book launch on Tuesday June 30th.
The book looks amazing. Maggie, Micheal, Liz and Drew have worked really hard and the results are fantastic.
To all of the 300 or so textile enthusiasts that have taken the Fibre in-Form workshop to date, I just wanted to say if you enjoyed the course then you will love the book. Lots of fresh ideas and plenty of ‘eye candy’.
Carol had a promotional table at her local Embroiderers Guild on Monday evening which went really well. She was showing some samples she had created based on the ideas from the book which everyone loved. Take a look at Mags blog to see Carol in action.
And just remember, as with the workshop, once the book is released if you have anything you want to ask either of us then you know where we are.


Doreen G said...

It's like waiting for a new baby to arrive isn't it.

Julie said...

Not long to wait now!

Heather said...

The anticipation is so stressful! I shall be at the ready on Tuesday and if my laptop doesn't work I won't be responsible for my actions or language!!

Pat said...

Only three more sleeps!! How exciting.

Susan D said...

Just put my order in can't wait for the post to come now. Hope you have great success with it.

Carrie said...

Lynda - my book arrived this morning - had a quick glance through at lunchtime and it looks great. Thanks for the very prompt service
Carrie xx