Monday, December 08, 2008

If this comes up again in your reader scroll to the bottom to read a couple of P.S's.

I write this blog with a heavy heart!
I cannot believe that Austin Healey has been knocked out of ‘Strictly’. Saturday/Sunday evenings will never be the same again. :)
My hopes are for Vincent now (Sorry Pat).

I’ve been busy lately creating my piece(s) for the Cyber Fyber exhibition organised by Susan Lenz which takes place in January – read all about it here.
This piece is also intended for my secret swap partner (who I can now reveal is Kate North) for the ALQS. Mind you, I think I have broken every rule for this swap. Its a series of three hangings, each one measuring 30” x 24”. I’m just adding the finishing touches and they will be posted off to Susan shortly along with a photograph to Kate as it will be way, way past the deadline before she actually receives them.
I wasted an awful lot of time on my first attempt, my original idea. I wanted to create something on similar lines to the CG postcard and the book cover shown here.
But what worked on a small scale just would not work on a larger piece.
I soldered, zapped, emulsioned and inked the background (Note for Kim – 4 bottles of Quink!) but I just couldn’t get the varying shades of blue I was after. It didn’t matter how much I inked in one spot, once dry it turned out the same colour as the rest. I rubbed the surface with a white Markal Paintstik hoping for a ‘dusty’ look but ended up with ‘icing sugar’ in some places.
This is it along with some close ups, unfinished, I finally decided to let it rest.My very late November CG postcard is on similar lines. The original inspiration is from decorative mouldings on cupboards and doors where they have aged and cracked and the gilding has rubbed off in places. Really bad photo but you can just about see the flower shape which I took from the November calendar page.A couple of lovely suprises in the post recently.
The first is the ALQS from my secret partner – Annette Jeavons.Once again, I have struck lucky in this swap. Annette has used some great techniques and the quilt itself is very well made. I am very pleased with it. Thanks Annette.
I also received a parcel from Glenys in New Zealand who has been a student on the Fibre in-Form Textured Surfaces workshop. (I don't think Glenys has a blog)
Glenys tried one of the techniques in the workshop and was very pleased with the outcome and said she would send them to me to look at. I thought she meant a few samples so imagine how surprised I was when this big bundle arrived!There are some really love colours in here, on fabrics and papers and I look forward to using them at some stage. Thanks Glenys.

The Textured Surfaces workshop has now finished. The students were all a really wonderful bunch, very friendly and eager to both learn and share. Carol and I were blown away with the samples that were produced. I’m sure that everyone reading this has come across a blog with some of these samples on. I’m in the middle of putting at least one photo of each persons samples up on the Fibre in-Form website – a massive task as everyone did so many really good ones its hard to choose just one.

We were going to repeat this workshop some time in ’09 but have had so many requests to do it again soon that the first lesson will start again on January 9th. Take a look here if you are interested.

We are also working on another workshop planned for early next year, more details on that soon plus a couple of other exciting developments, still in the early stages.

Regular readers of Maggie Greys blog will see that Carol and I had a secret assignation with Maggie a couple of weeks ago – in a Service Station on the M4 motorway at Reading. (The Eastbound services wasn’t it Carol? Or was it Westbound? *LOL*)
And the result of that meeting is a book to be published by d4Daisy early in the Spring.
I’m just so excited, nervous, worried, anxious, happy etc. etc. about this that I really don’t know what else to say. :)
No doubt I will keep you updated about the book too.

And I’ll leave you with this, from 5.30 a.m. this morning – couldn’t resist it.

PS. The hanging above is NOT one of the Cyber Fyber pieces, it was my original idea which wouldn't work so I ditched it and started over. Won't be showing the finished ones until they appear in the exhibition :)

PPS. In case there is any confusion, the book Carol and I are writing for d4Daisy is NOT the same as the Textured Surfaces workshop or the new workshop we have planned. Some of the products used regularly by us will obviously be the same but there will be new ideas, new techniques and different finishes.


Ruth said...

Congrats on the book - I'm sure it will be a lot of work but will be wonderful!

Carol said...

Well hello stranger! Nice to see you in bog land! Love the long pannels, this is a lovely technique again, Love the colour on the book. Sooo chuffed for you both on the book front and plan to be customer no1.

Carol said...

Ps there's always Tom to stare at!!!!! Not a patch on Gethin!!!!

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

I love your crumbly scrumbly surfaces. Good luck with the book - if it's as good as Maggie's I'll really enjoy it!

Jacquelines blog said...

Congratulations on the book Lynda, must become a bestseller.

Gina said...

Congratulations on the book Lynda - how exciting! I was dissapointed to see Austin go out last night too but I did enjoy him taking his shirt off at the end!

Susan D said...

Congratulations on the book deal, not before time that you got the recognition that you deserve.

Doreen G said...

Congrats again on the book --love the CYBER FYBER piece.

Pat said...

Devastated for Austin, now anyone but Vincent pleeeease!!

Love you Cyber Fyber piece I am sure it will interest and intrigue the visitors.

Julie said...

I've been reading great compliments about your Fibre in Form workshop around the web. Will you be doing it later in 2009 as well?

Congratulations on the book too, you deserve it for all your innovative ideas. Sounds like you're going to be busy!!!

Sorry for Austin going too but I would like to see Rachel in the final (sorry if that means Vincent too lol) It's very close this year.

Kim said...

Well - you may not have gotten The shades you were after , but you did get the 'varying' part lol. They're lovely as they stand imo - I hope you'll post more photo's when they're done!
And Merry Christmas!

Homeleightigger said...

Wonderful post Lynda - enjoyed every word. I'm so delighted for you and Carol re the Book - the success is so very well deserved as you have both worked so hard.

Debbi Baker said...

Hey Lynda - great to see you back blogging! Fabulous news of course about the book - I agree with everyone else - you deserve the recognition and it will be a big seller I'm sure. Got to say though that I am freaked out by your "reject" piece which you've said you have ditched! I so hope "ditched" only means temporarily set aside as I think it is actually really really wonderful and I would be very surprised if you didn't end up doing some little thing to it (maybe in a different direction to the quink bottles though - ps hope you have shares in the company!) and then find you love it!! The CG postcard can only be described as awesome (so rich and colourful - just love it!) although stunning would also be a good second choice. Fantastic blog post - I can get in the shower and get ready for work now as I have received a good dose of inspiration to keep earning (so I can buy your book and keep up with my fibre-in-form experiements!)

hippopip said...

Great news about the book,good to have you back blogging

Sandy said...

It's nice to have you back blogging. I can see that you have been busy creating more wonderful things. Wonderful gift of samples you received.

Genie said...

Welcome back and Congratulations on the book, love all the work you have been doing,
Happy Christmas wishes

lusia said...

HI Friends,How are you.Hope you are doing well.I Followed your blog.plz do the same.and join my bloglog communities plz.thanks .

Becky Vigor said...

Lovely to see you so busy and creative, and I can't wait to hear more about the book :)

On a Whimsey said...

Well, my money is on Vincent!

I stumbled across your blog and was blown away with your talent!!

So..... A Butterfly award has been bestowed on you!!!! Check my blog (as soon as I have written a post to reflect this!) for further information. PS I found you through Alis Clair!


On a Whimsey said...

BTW, you have a Butterfly award check out my blog
Congratulations and seasons greetings!

sharon young said...

My heartfelt congratulations on the book, I think it's wonderful news.
Have a great Christmas