Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well, I’m back and I just hope you all had better weather last week than we did. :)
Must say a big thank you for all the lovely emails I had about the ‘Slinky Secrets’ article in Workshop on the Web. So glad you all enjoyed it.
I’ve joined up for the second round of ALQS so I’m trying to come up with something a little bit different. These are a couple of very quick unfinished samples put together this morning. They both measure 18" x 12". I just wanted to try out some ideas and see what effects I could get with this particular surface.
This is the first one, along with some close ups. I have made it double sided but haven’t done anything to the reverse as yet.Can you guess what it is yet?
Its brown wrapping paper, with a piece of old woollen blanket as the wadding. Here’s the reverse of this one, just to prove it.On this one I was aiming for a peeling paint type of texture. I laid organza over the top before stitching and then used the heat gun to zap it back before painting.Not quite the right texture but its given me an idea of how to do it next time. The colours did look really good to start with but in a hurry, as ever, I covered it with a layer of Polymer Medium before it was quite dry and they went really sludgy in places.

Here is my slashed copy of the Argos catalogue laying resplendent in the centre of the lawn waiting for the rain, which unbelievably has stopped for the time being – no doubt we will see lots of these on blogs in the next few weeks.:)Has anyone managed to find time to experiment with the teabag paper available from Jackie yet? Would love to know if you have.

As there is a shortage of photographs on this blog entry, and you know how I love my photos, I’ve put a couple in below which show sections of a project Carol and I are working on at the moment.

Pippa gave me an ‘I Love your Blog’ award recently which I was very chuffed about. I’m probably supposed to pass it on, but I can never choose amongst all the blogs I have on my list – so I shall nominate everyone on there as lets face it, I wouldn’t have you on the list if I didn’t love your blog, would I?


Jacquelines blog said...

You never let me down! gorgeous work again Lynda!! The project you and Carol are doing sounds interesting.

Carol said...

Great to have you back, the project looks interesting :) LOL
love the samples for the quilts, both look good

Doreen G said...

Great stuff Lynda and those samples at the bottom look interesting.
BTW how many pages are in that catalogue I was going to stick phone book out but it has a lot of pages in it--just curious.

Lora Martin said...

Just found your blog via a recommendation on Google Reader. Your work is fascinating and I am looking forward to more.

Sandy said...

Nice samples. They make me want to rush to the studio.

Alis said...

You always have such wonderful things to show.
I love the little quilt, the colours are lovely, not muddy at all.

The project with Carol looks very interesting.

TracyB said...

Yum!! You know I'm loving this (as always) & the colors are fabulous (as always)!!

The first photo, love the bright blue/turquoise you added, don't mute it down with another layer of color,(which I know you like to do) :) it's wonderful as is!!

Garnered Stitches said...

I have accepted the Argos Challenge and now have my book is under my Quince shrub! The things Maggie get us to do!

best wishes

Doreen K. said...

I enjoyed your wonderful article in Workshop on the Web. The colors on the first picture are absolutely gorgeous!!! I have not yet tried dying the teabag paper, as I don't remember where I put it.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I wouldn't have guessed the colours would have come out so well on brown paper.

smarcoux said...

hi Lynda

Just thought as we live in the same area we should meet up for coffee or a tea sometime
email me .

Sandy who is off to European quilt show next week.

smarcoux said...

hi Lynda

Just thought as we live in the same area we should meet up for coffee or a tea sometime
email me .

Sandy who is off to European quilt show next week.

Becky Vigor said...

I've been out of circulation for a bit and am only just starting to catch up on blogs. Seeing your beautiful colours and textures again has made me happier than I have been in a long time. It's like quenching a thirst.

Judy said...

Ohhh, fun experiment and beautiful colors. It looks shiny in the photo. Is it metallic paint or the gel that is making it shine?