Friday, August 29, 2008

I had to take a blogging break for two or three weeks, didn’t realise I would miss it (and you all) so much! I haven’t been idle though, you will be pleased to hear :)
Back for today only though as I am on holiday next week, then normal service will be resumed - hopefully.
Firstly, these are all wonderful pieces of work that I have received in the post lately:
From Anna, this gorgeous bookmark. A wonderfully encrusted surface.
And just look at the back too, what a brilliant idea for a backing.
It came with this lovely card crafted by Anna’s daughter.
And some other goodies too.
Plus I just had to take a photo of this neat little parcel they all came in before I unwrapped it.
Thanks Anna, much appreciated.
Also received this fabulous piece of silk paper from Carole which glistens when the light catches it.In her card Carole said she looked forward to seeing something fabulous made with it – no pressure there then.
Talking of cards, this is the one she sent. Another great idea – printed on little sticky labels.Thanks Carole, and if I do manage to make something spectacular I will certainly send it on to you.
It was my turn this month to receive a Calendar Girls postcard from Debbi, and to say I was pleased with it would be an understatement.The background fabric is printed and the flower is metallic mesh that has been heated to discolour it.
You can read more about this on Debbi’s blog.
Also got a ‘bonus’ card from Debbi. Have admired this style of postcard on her blog before and I was lucky enough to receive one. (Along with fairies, what I think of as ‘shaker style’ is another unlikely passion of mine.)

Val was the ‘lucky’ recipient of my card this month. Long story, which you can read on the Calendar Girls blogspot, but this is what she will end up with.
Three layers, all rust dyed using the Caustic Soda and Ferrous Sulphate method. Bottom layer is handmade paper, then Tyvek which has been melted with the iron and the flower is Lutradur.

I also melted some of the other Tyvek which I had dyed using this method and got some amazing results.

This piece here though is plain white Tyvek melted, machine stitched to a backing fabric then flooded with red then blue ink with a little bit of Interference Blue wiped over the top.
Back to rusting – I have been having a play with some teabag paper which came from Jackie’s Etsy shop. I rusted these two bits by wrapping them around a bottle with rusty wire. The first one had been dipped in tea before rusting. They came out really well, and although I had to be reasonably gentle with it, this paper will stand up to a bit of rough handling.

I intend to experiment more with this paper over the next few weeks – would be great if some of you had a go too, see what we could all come up with. This is the link to Jackie’s Etsy shop, if it doesn’t work properly go to her blog and follow the links from there.
It was a friend’s birthday recently and as she always professes to really like what I do, I thought I would put that to the test and make her something.

The card is rust dyed velvet that has been over dyed with Procion and the little label is rusted teabag paper.
The main piece isn’t quite finished though so it’s going to be another couple of weeks or so before she gets it.

It’s a double sided quilt, this side is finished, will show the other side when that is done too.
The design is an art deco design, parts of it filled in with organza.

Made a bit of a boob though – all should I say, a bit of a ‘bummer’. Take a look at this part of the design.
Now if that doesn’t look like someone’s bum, then I don’t know much about it. *LOL*
And finally, everyone’s favourite online mag is released on Sunday, Workshop on the Web – and guess who has an article in there?
Do hope you all enjoy it as much as you did the last one.
Must go now and get organised for this holiday. I’ve sorted the Laptop, some hand stitching and my Embroidery magazine which came today, so that’s the most important things taken care of - who needs clothes anyway?


Gina said...

Almost too much to take in at once Lynda - so many gorgeous things to look at. Looking forward to WOW. Have a great holiday.

Carol said...

Oh you most haven't been idle at all. I love the quilt, it is fab, bum and all, that would be the kind of detail that would keep me chuckling for weeks! Love the tyvek too. Have THE MOST restful week, see you on the other side!!!! (If I am sti alive, you know kids do bite!!!)

Julie said...

Have a lovely holiday Lynda - glad you got the prioritites right! Thank you for the link to the Tbag paper, I've ordered some too!

Your Calendar Girls card has given me an idea, the tyvek looks very much like rocks. I may be experimenting!

Have a great holiday.

Julie said...

Ooh yes, and I can't wait for Sunday WOW.

Ruth said...

The quilt is wonderful and I'm sure will be much appreciated. The tyvek bits are amazing. I love the organic feel to them. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and I'm looking forward to your article in WOW.

Jackie said...

Thank you for the mentions. Good results with the rusting. Nice to see you back. I'm glad someone elses mind is like mine.!

Micki said...

Bum is what I saw. LOL. More wonderful things to look at as always. Love your Card for CG. Looking forward to WOW.

Doreen G said...

Hey Lynda I see a map of Australia in the Tyvek piece you painted with red and blue.
Have a great holiday my friend.

Pat said...

Could be a balcony bra...but no, it's a bum sitting admiring the flowers. Have a great holiday.

sharon young said...

Well!! obviously the blogging break did you good
What an amazingly varied post. The PC process looked wonderful, I've been wondering what to do with lutrador for some time, will now have a go.
The quilt is beautiful, especially the bum!
Have a great holiday.

neki desu said...

she's back...for a while.
great ideas in your post and timely too as my fairy godmother sent me a care package w some tyvek. haven't touched it as i'm afraid to wreck it LOL!
good and restful holiday to you!

and yes it does look like a bum :)

neki desu

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Welcome back - missed you.
Glad to see you have your priorities when packing.
You have been busy thank goodness. I would hate to think you had taken a break from creativity too.
Have a lovely holiday.

Sandy said...

Good to see you back. You have been busy. Have fun next week.

Jacquelines blog said...

Have a great holiday Lynda, I missed your posts but you made it up with some beautiful work.

Genie said...

Have a Great Holiday, Love the work. and am looking forward to WOW on Sunday

kiwicarole said...

Hi Lynda! You always have such an interesting blog! Hey pleased you got the stuff I sent you and if you get to make something neat, please keep it for yourself! You don't need to send it back! LOl Carole

Debbi Baker said...

Wow Lynda!! What a post! I missed you. Eevrything you'v emade is wonderful but that quilt is just incredible - I love it!! Bum and all.

Gunnels blog said...

Welcome bakc!
Soo much too look at! Wonderful pictures !

Cyber Fyber said...

Today I'm creating all the labels for the ATCs in the CYBER FYBER exhibition. This brought me by your incredible blog. I've really missed reading blogs everyday but since starting CYBER FYBER, I hardly ever get an opportunity to browse through all your wonderful posts. I really miss it. Anyway, I've also got the "artist exhibition agreement" ready and will be emailing it tomorrow at the latest. I just wanted to let you know that your recent rusting and chemical experiments are marvelous! Thanks so much for sharing them and agreeing to be part of CYBER FYBER!

Doreen K. said...

Oh my gosh, I love the tyvek pieces. All that yummy texture. Fabulous.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely stuff!

Penny said...

I drop in and out and missed what you were doing, love the article in WOW and look forward to trying it.
Hadnt thought of rusting tyvek, must have a play.
great inspiration but it is finding time to play with it all.
Have a great holiday, we are off to the opal mining town of Coober pedy for 3 days, the camera is ready and my sketchbook.

Robin Mac said...

Like Penny, I drop in and out and find so much inspiration from your blog. I love your project in WOW, just want to find the time to play all day to try everything! enjoy your well earned holiday.
Cheers, Robin

MargaretR said...

Have a lovely holiday Lynda. What a wonderful post!

Ro Bruhn said...

Absolutely Fabulous. I love the pink shaded piece, it looks like a map of Australia and even has Tasmania tacked onto the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Morning from Linda, please can you tell me if i could use a laser printer to print onto fabric? Are you aware of any model or make that would work.
Blog wonderful, first visit after chatting to like minded friends. Will be visiting again