Sunday, July 06, 2008

This and That

A couple of weeks ago I put this painted quilt up for grabs. The response was amazing - 80 names in total! Well, I had the name drawn out of the box last Monday and what a palaver!
David was away for a couple of days, I couldn’t find Steve, so I grabbed Will to do the draw. Because there were so many comments left I had half decided that I would also give away the very first one of these painted quilts I created - the winning name drawn made my mind up for me :)
Take a look at this:

Yes, it was Pat of Altering Thoughts.
Not only is Pat one of the many friends I have made through blogging that I have actually met but I was also meeting up with her again on the Saturday. We were both going to the Embroiderers Guild Regional Day at Essex University – more about that later.
Fate or what?
So I went in search of Steve to draw another name for this painted quiltbut my camera hadn’t got enough memory left to do a second video so I had to be content with just a photo. You can barely see the name on this ticket but it says
Doreen K – who, for some reason I thought came from Oz but is actually from Nevada, USA – quite close then :) So Doreen if you would like to drop me an email with your snail mail addy I will get this in the post to you in a couple of weeks.

So yesterday was spent at Essex University with amongst several exhibitions and trade stands there were two lectures, Diane Bates and Jan & Jean. I have seen Diane at several of the different shows and if you know what she looks and dresses like I think you will agree that she seems to be a very formidable lady. On the contrary, she is one of the nicest, funniest speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to. I could have gone on listening to her for much longer – even though the seats in the lecture hall are not designed for comfort!
If you ever get a chance to meet/listen to this lady then you really must, she was wonderful and her work is exquisite. Jan & Jean were really good as ever and the work they bought along to show is absolutely fantastic. It all looks even better than it does in the books if thats possible.
I also managed to grab a couple of Pat’s ATC’s. The first one as she explains on her blog has been made using techniques described in Maggie G’s latest book ‘From Image to Stitch'.
And the second one is dressmaking tissue, acetate and lace. Both really wonderful cards.
I finally found out who my secret partner was in the ALQS because this arrived in the post recently:
Isn’t it fantastic?
I had said I had a preference for black, white & red and this is what Margaret came up with.
The label says 'Frog in the blender'. I’m going to frame it, to keep the dust off, and hang it in the dining room – will show a photo when it’s in situ as it will fit in a treat. Thank you Margaret. I love it.

For the want of something better to do today - displacement activity I think you call it :) - I was having a sort out and came across a box of samples under the heading 'metallic surfaces'. Although they were made some time ago now some of them still look quite interesting.
I'm going to look out the notes I jotted down when they were made as I thought I would put one or two on each week showing exactly how I created them in the hope they will set me off to develop a few of them further. I'm well known for making loads of samples of different techniques but never actually making a finished item and maybe something will spark my interest enough to follow it through.
These are just a few that were at the top of the pile. Some of them have a close up photo below.

**A message for Wendy Coyne - yes, it is me from Harlow College with Jane & Jane. Would love to hear from you, would be great to catch up - and I've had your blog on my favourites list for yonks too :)


Genie said...

Congratulations to the winners of your lovely quilts. love the ATC's
Cheers Jean

TracyB said...

Your metallic surface samples are YUMMY!! I love the 5th one down with I think the closeup below it? Am anxious to see what you do with it. LOVE those colors!!

You could do a metallic surface study sampler? Piece them together and work your wonderful artistic magic & apply just the right color over the surface to get them to work together in harmony? :)

Homeleightigger said...

Love your sample pix, Lynda - ALL of them - but particularly the first one! Val

Carol said...

OMG! Love those samples, I like the 5th one down too, and how did ou know I would want close up!!!!! Can't wait to see what you do. Love those quilts, I am covetting the blue one, Doreen you have my quilt, and I know where you live, being on the other side of the Atlanic will not deter me!!!!! (giggle)

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I have been to one of Diane Bates talks and as you say, she is fabulous - always easy to spot at shows and not just because she is tall.
I love her expressions e.g. - 'twopence a ton' - meaning very cheap.
Interesting samples - look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Doreen G said...

And I thought for one moment it was me.

Joanna van said...

I'm thinking you need to write a book! Such great inspiration.

Emily Buchanan said...


Your work is marvelous, yummy, yummy, yummy. You are so my kind of artist. I call myself the experimenter because it seems that's all I do is make samples and don't seem to follow through with them. I want you to know, I have a Purple Missus file in my file cabinet with tons of inspiration from your blog that I want to try. I love all these pieces. I'm going to have to try it now. Emily from the USA.

sharon young said...

Hi Lynda
Lucky Pat and Doreen, fabulous give aways!
Love the metallic samples, especially the last 3, thanks for sharing them.

Jan said...

Ditto re; the book Lynda, these are just too good to keep within 'blog world'.Fabulous work.
love Jan x

neki desu said...

great samples,very cool stuff. and techie video too! and we got to hear your little voice :)
love the photo of the second draw with dog and all LOL!

neki desu

Carrie said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners. I just love these samples - absolutely gorgeous and so much texture to them. Maybe you could spill the beans on one or two and tell us how you did them. They are amazing.

chrissythreads said...

wasn't that talk by Diana on Saturday great? I've met her before and always feel that the voice and personality are not what you expect to emerge from under that hat. I agree about the seating though - I'm still recovering from 'numb bum syndrome'. Perhaps we can persuade her along to the ERTF sometime.
Look out for a flurry of communications from ERTF in near future.

corryna said...

What a great work you have made! I love the textures you create and the colours. The ones who got the quilts you made are very lucky.
I will visit again. I would like to make a link on my blog to yours. Is that OK?

Julie said...

Congratulations to the winners!

So many fantastic surfaces here! Gorgeous!

AmyB said...

I'll confess to seriously coveting "Frog in a Blender," but I know you'll give it an excellent home!

Debbi Baker said...

What an incredible post! So many beautiful things to look at and examine. Lucky Pat and Dorren K - they will certainly be very happy! Your metallic surface samples are gorgeous - very intriguing. I can really relate to your approach as I also tend to want to the backgrounds and experiments more than the finished product!

Anonymous said...

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Micki said...

Love the samples, each and every one of them.

Carol said...

Lynda your samples are fabulous. Great colours and textures. You are just so very talented.

Annette said...

Thes pictures are delicious, the texture. . ooh!
I've left an award for you over on my blog.If you like you can pass it on to others who have inspired you.
best wishes Annette