Thursday, May 22, 2008

What a wonderful day I have had today - and to think that yesterday I was feeling really sorry for myself :)
I have had this week off work as its really the last chance I get before we go into our busiest time of the year and its all worked out really well as today I met up with the lovely Carol McFee.
Carol has been visiting relatives in the town near me so we took this opportunity to get together. Its the first time we have met although we have been good friends through blogging for over 18 months now. I spotted her straight away as I have seen photos of her but she looked a bit suspicious when she saw this woman waving madly - until she realised it was me waving at her :)I also met her really nice husband Derek, and her amazing mum who is still stunning at 81!
We had a great time catching up and of course, managed a detour into the local art shop for supplies.
No photos though :)

And in the post today I received two parcels from a couple of other lovely blogging friends.Pippa (Hippopip) showed these on her blog recently and I commented on how I thought they were adorable - I have a 'thing' about fairies for some strange reason - and Pippa asked if I would like them. She only had to ask once!
They came in a beautiful box tied with a gorgeous bronzy coloured ribbon with a couple of acorn cups attached.
Unfortunately, our postman decided to muller the parcel when he put it through the letter box so I have photographed them on a piece of walnut dyed Tyvek that I had. I intend to frame them. Its a great shame about the box though, because they did look splendid nestled inside. And the next parcel was from the ever generous Doreen G. Some gorgeous panne velvet in colours I haven't seen before. Doreen is another really good blogging friend whom I would love to meet one day.
And if that wasn't enough, I came home from meeting Carol this afternoon to a really exciting email which I will share with you later.

On Saturday I am off to meet up with yet two more blogging friends. Pat (Altering Thoughts) and I are off to have a nosy at Sharons exhibition.
Its on at the Rural Life Centre near Farnham from May 24th - 25th 10am - 5 pm and will give us a chance to see some of Sharons beautiful textile work close up. Also in the exhibition will be work from the other two members of the Alice Holt Artists, Shirley Stephens and Mike Young. Well worth seeing.

Pat and I are meeting at around 11 am - we plan to be 'Ladies that Lunch' so if anyone else is down that way please come along and join us.

And that will make 3 of the Calendar Girls that I have met, only 9 more to go :)


sharon young said...

HI Lynda
I'm so excited to be meeting up with you and Pat, it's made the show for me that you're coming. Thanks very much for putting the info on your blog.
You did have a good day! fantastic post, I just adore the slippers and Doreen's fabric's are amazing.

Carol said...

Sounds like you had fun and will have even more when you meet the others. hope it is a fu day for you.

Julie said...

What beautiful fairy slippers and gorgeous fabrics!

Lucky you going to Sharon's exhibition! and seeing her husband's photos too! Sadly I will be heading north so can't get there. have fun and say Hi to Sharon for me (not that we've met yet either!)

Debbi Baker said...

I have to agree with everyone else - sounds like a fabulous day and such great mail! You'll have to come over here I think to meet the three "D"s!! Just think how much of Australia you could see travelling between us all!!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

This blogging certainly has lots of upsides to it. Pleased to see you had a brilliant time and being able to put faces to blogs. And more good times to come. Have fun all of you.

Genie said...

Glad you had a great Time,
Lovely Fairy slippers and fabric.