Thursday, May 24, 2007

Letter to a Fibre Art Friend

Dear Mags

I wasn’t going to say anything, I was just going to send it to you.
But I have to tell you, I have done a typical ‘man thing’!
You know what I mean - if all else fails read the instructions.

This is my page swap to you for June. Nice and early isn’t it?


I know that this is what it says in the database under your choice of theme:
‘Curves, as in wrought iron.
Black base with reds, oranges and yellows'.

O.K. so I got the black and the colours the wrong way round.
And yes, I too can see only two slight curves.
But I did get the inspiration from my fire guard – does that count for the wrought iron bit?

I know you will forgive me Mags, as you better than anyone, know I have been up to my hips in it this past week.

P.S. The colours do look much nicer for real, there is a lot more yellow and orange in there, promise!

Just in case anyone wants to know how its put together:
A wool fabric dip dyed in red and yellow procion dye. The leaves are organza embellished into the fabric. The front 'screen' is fine nylon net with beads sewn on. Layered with a cotton batting the whole piece has been outlined in a machined zig zag stitch using a rayon thread.


Emmy said...

this is very beautiful

Waltraud said...

A wonderful, clear design!

Dianne said...

It's great Lynda!! The curves you have are enough, as they're such a focal point.

Sue B said...

It's fantastic Lynda!

Micki said...

Great piece and Mags will love it no matter the mix up.

Carol said...

This is a lovely piece of work and I know Mags will just love it.

Susan D said...

I'm sure Mags will love it. Very stylish.

Debbi B said...

Lynda - this is beautiful. I love the richness of the colours and teh contrast with the black elements. Debbi B

neki desu said...

very elegant with a touch of glam

neki desu

Cindy aka Shoo Shoo said...

I love it !

Carol said...

Mags is sure to love it, its gorgeous

Alis said...

Just gorgeous, Mags will love it.

MargaretR said...

Hi Lynda, i know I have written to you about my page, but I can't imagine where it went to? Did I write it to you persoanlly and not as a comment? I forget! Tut, tut.
I truly love the page. Mags