Thursday, March 08, 2007

In the post

Have been a bit busy lately so am going to show you all the goodies I have received in the post in the last week or so in one hit.
The first two are birthday postcards.

This one is from Kim. Brilliant work and I like the way she has edged the card by using blanket stitch to trap a novelty thread. Very unusual, I haven’t seen this before.

This card is from Terri. Terri is well known for the faces she does which SueB uses in some of her projects. Lots of hand stitching has been worked on this card.

These two pieces are from the lovely Dotee. An ATC and a little Dotee Doll. Anybody interested in a Dotee Doll swap should take a look at her blog.

Finally, these pieces are from Doreen who is also very generous with her time and knowledge. She sent me some paper clay pieces and tiles that she has made, an ATC doll, a bundle of tape that feels very much like the paper tape I used recently, and a long length of cord made on the overlocker.

This is a close up of the cord made on the overlocker. Doreen is going to send me the instructions and if I can manage to do it she is going to post a tutorial on her blog.

Thank you one and all for sending me all these lovely pieces.


Edie said...

did you realize that none of the images are showing up? darn! I'm curious!

Doreen G said...

Blogger doesn't like me either I can only see crosses too.

Dotee said...

Oh, I can't see the photo's either :(

Dianne said...

I will have to come back and take another look, as like all of the lovely ladies above, I can only see red crosses.

Doreen G said...

Yey I have pictures --I love the postcards and Dotees "stuff"

Susan D said...

Hurray we can see them at last. Naughty Blogger.

Dianne said...

Great mail - beautiful postcards!! Dotee and Doreen have sent you some gorgeous things too. Love that cord of Doreen's - we will have to bug her for a tutorial!!

Dotee said...

Yay - I am so happy to be able to see the photo's now!

The cards from Kim and Terri are beautiful! They are very talented ladies.

And Doreen is such a generous soul isn't she? What a great stash of goodies she sent you! Love the ATC and I know will use what she sent to you. That cord is fabulous.

So glad your mailbox has been blessed lately.

Clevelandgurlie said...

Oh this cord is simply lovely. I would be so excited to learn how to make such a wonderful treasure. Hopefully she'll post the instructions!