Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February FAF Fabric Page Swap

I have now received my February FAF Fabric Page Swap from Dianne (Faerydi) and it is fantastic. My theme is ‘Black and White and a Dash of Red’.

I have copied the text from Diannes blog which explains how she made this:

“I painted the black fabric with a patterned sponge roller, sprinkled it with black/silver embossing powder and zapped it with the heat gun. Then I free motioned some grids over the fabric. I then added a frame made out of 1" white squares, which were made out of tissue paper bonded to felt and rubbed some red treasure gold over the tissue paper. The flower in the centre was cut out of the tissue paper fabric and I satin stitched around the edges.”

These are some close up photos to try and give you more idea of how good this is.

Dianne also sent a tag:

And a gorgeous book mark made from the same fabric with yarn and beads.

At the same time, sent separately, was a birthday postcard from Dianne. Once again, this is amazing.
Thanks Dianne – they are all great.


Fran├žoise said...

I had already seen the book page. But the postcard is so nice too! What a great mail day!

MargaretR said...

The photos of Dianne's lovely work is brilliant. You have are so lucky to receive such a wonderful piece of work.

Vicki W said...

I saw this on Dianne's blog and loved it - it's even more spectacular with the close up photos! The bookmark is a really nice touch!

Sue B said...

boy that page is gorgeous!

StegArt said...

Great page...and that little hand charm is so cute. Lucky you to get that fabulous swirl postcard.

Micki said...

The page is really great. And how wonderful to receive the bookmark, too.
Her birthday postcard is beautiful.

Dianne said...

Lynda - I'm so glad you liked the page!! It's always so hard making something for someone else - not knowing what they like, but with all of your wonderful comments I can now breathe a sigh of relief! Thankyou so much!!!

Shelina said...

These are all such great pieces. I am sure you will treasure them.

Judy Scott said...

these are so fabulous and Ive just seen yours on Di blog just gorgeous work, Jx