Thursday, January 04, 2007


Received Issue 2/Winter 2007 copy of the DVD magazine ‘IndieArts’ in the post yesterday.
Another brilliant issue.
When I first looked at the menu of contributing artists I thought there wouldn’t be much to interest me this time, but I was wrong. Regardless of what art/craft discipline you follow you can still learn an awful lot from different media artists.

The line up this time features:
Kate Gray – watercolours and paper sculptures
A shopping trip with Keely Barham and Claudine Hellmuth (one of my favourite mixed media artists)
An interview with Silversmith and Mixed Media Artist Phoenix Forrester

On location in Southern California features:
Leslie Perlis – glass and mosaic artist
Sinclair Stratton – watercolour (animals) artist
Nicole Steiman – the owner of the ARTbar

The Art Gallery Shows are very interesting. You can see work from:
Fancy Fish Fashions Group Tag Book
Mixed Media Artist Tory Brokenshire and
Art Dolls by Student Artists aged 7 – 14.

Take a look at the website for IndieArts – you’ll be in for a treat!


Dianne said...

I've never heard of IndieArts! Thanks for the link, I'm going to have a look.

Susan D said...

Thanks for the link, I've never heard of IndieArts before either. Also thanks for the advice about C & G.

Anna Nowicki said...

Does the Indie arts DVD really work in UK - I was told you need a special adaptor or particular PC - help!! I wrote to them last year and was told it should be OK but I am too chicken to try.


Fiona said...

thanks for the link. never heard of this before.