Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fabric Page Swap for Emmy

I have now finished my page for Emmy in the Fabric Page Swap for FiberArt Friends. Emmys’ chosen subject is ‘Blue and Green’. This is the book cover Emmy made for her fabric pages.

The colours of the page I made do not want to show up very well in these photographs, the green and the blue are really both darker than in the photo – I think my camera battery is getting low.

Here is the process I went through.
I dyed lots of different fabrics using Procion MX dye in Indigo Blue and Bottle Green. Its amazing how many hues you get from the same dyebath using different fabrics. The cotton velvet and silk velvet came out really well.

I dyed a large quantity of muslin and scrim - I guess I already knew I would be using my favourite technique of the moment – slashing.
I started off with a backing of calico followed by 2 layers of blue muslin, 2 layers of green muslin, 2 layers of blue scrim, 2 of green scrim, 2 more of blue muslin then the final top two layers of green muslin. 13 layers altogether.

I machine stitched a grid from the back then slashed through.

As I was trying to use the FiberArt Friends monthly challenge for January to combine paper and fabric, I tore some small squares of handmade paper made from recycled denim jeans and used the embellisher to lay down scraps of blue and green scrim. I have a Babylock Embellisher and it wasn't too keen on going through such thick paper but I took it steady and everything seemed alright. As I had already torn the paper into about 1.5" squares it was a bit fiddly which I don't think helped.

I then machine stitched these in place using FME.

And, of course, here are some close up photos of the finished piece. Not for any particular reason just that I do like some of these close ups.


Anna Nowicki said...

WOW just love the slashed piece - what a fantastic idea !! WELL DONE !

StegArt said...

It's gorgeous Lynda. Love it, love it, love it.

Sue B said...

Fabulous! I love it, Emmy will be thrilled with it!

Sarah said...

It's a wonderful page - you did a fantastic job!

emmyschoonbeek said...

It is wonderful I did see the page on Yahoo but here I see how you did it wauw ,
I love it and cant wait to see it and feel it thank you so much
you did a great job

Joanna van said...

I didn't have your I wanted to let you know that TLS is Translucent Liquid Sculpty. I learned about it through an issue of CPS. Those detailed shots are great! I don't think my camera would produce such great results.

Kim said...

Very nice done. I'm sure Emmy will love it. I'm in love with the detail shots... gorgeous (I can just get lost in them!)

Fran├žoise said...

This is beautiful Lynda.
And I like the way you show all the process steps. Thanks!

Helen in the UK said...

This is great - love the colours and the texture you created :)

Dianne said...

This is a wonderful page! Love all the texture, which you can see so well in the closeups.

MargaretR said...

What fantastic textures Lynda. I think it's wonderful. Could you explain sometime how you made paper using old denim jeans please? I had never heard of this before.

Doreen G said...

This is awesome what more can I say. Well done