Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fabric Book Pages – Back Cover

This will be the back cover of my book to hold the fabric pages made by members of the Fibre Arts Friends Yahoo Group.

I took some close up photographs of the front cover.

Printed them on to inkjet transfer paper and ironed them on to muslin.

I layered this with 2 layers of white muslin, 2 of red muslin, 1 black felt and a calico backing. I then did rows of machine stitching and slashed down the centres.

Not too happy with it. I used W H Smith own brand of transfer paper which is not as good as the HP one, although much cheaper. The colours did not transfer at all well, but its only the back and I really need to move on from this book cover now – otherwise I’ll never get the pages finished to swap!

I seem to be having a ‘love-affair’ with slashing at the moment. I think we all must go through this stage when we find a technique that we enjoy doing and which suits our purpose.


Dianne said...

Is the back slashed in like a checkerboard type of pattern? Sorry, I've never done slashing before. I think it's a great back page - you probably need to actually see it for real to see and appreciate the textures of the slashing technique.

Sue B said...

I do that too, get sort of obsessed with a particular technique or method. Right now it's layered surfaces. Can't get enough of them!

Carol said...

This is wonderful, I have had to put mine away or I will keep playing with it, LOL

StegArt said...

Haven't tried slashing myself yet. Perhaps I should put it on my to-do list.

Fiona said...

At the moment I'm obsessed with blanket stitch! and all things black and white!