Thursday, January 25, 2007


These two unfinished pieces were both 'false starts' for the blue and green fabric page swap.
They were both made using the embellisher but in the 'flesh' they look so much richer and deeper in colour than they do shown here. The photographs make them look very patchy.

This first one is on a background of black felt with blue scrim pieces on top. The darker blue in the triangles and squares is silk velvet which has been embellished from the back then edged with blue cotton thread. I also outlined the shape of the triangle from the back. The circles are once again silk velvet in green embellished from the back.

This piece is also a black felt background with Tussah Silk tops embellished on top. The brighter green shape is silk velvet embellished from the back.

Both pieces measure 9" x 9". I shall cut the second piece into postcard & charm size pieces and use hand and/or machine stitching to finish off.

I would have liked to carry on with the top one and use it for the page swap but there are 10 of us in the swap and only 2 see the piece as it is, the rest just see photographs!

I would love to know how to take better photographs, so if anyone can recommend any books, online courses etc. for amateur photography that would help, please let me know.


Vicki said...

I don't know why there are "failed" - I like them! regarding digital photography, two books that have helped me a lot are by Michael Freeman - Light & Lighting and Close-Up Photography. I also found Fryan F. Peterson's Understanding Digital Photography very helpful.

Purple Missus said...

Thanks for that Vicki. I'll take a look at those books. Sorry I can never reply to you personally but cannot find your email anywhere.

StegArt said...

While I like your first attempts, you also need to be happy with them. I can totally understand because it happens to me also. I wish I could take better pictures also. I sometimes think the camera itself can be part of the problem.

Vicki said...

Sorry PM, Blogger doesn't give me a field to enter my email address - some blogs have the field and some don't. Anyway, it's .....but then I don't need a personal reply. I'm just grateful for all of the wonderful people, like yourself, that share so much of your work!

Dianne said...

I think they really good too - but we are our own worst critics.

Sue B said...

I like both of these pieces. Blue and green together can be quite a challenge but you've done a beautiful job. I think that second piece is going to make lovely cards.

MargaretR said...

I think your embellished pieces are beautiful, esp the top one. I think we have to stop being so self critical don't you? I was doing it myself today when talking to a friend and just explaining to her how uneven my fme is .