Friday, January 19, 2007


I dyed lots of different fabrics to give me more choice of a background to make a fabric page for the FiberArt Friends page swap on the theme ‘Blue and Green’.

I used Procion MX Dye in Bottle Green and Indigo Blue.
Amongst the fabrics I used were Cottons, Muslin. Scrim, Velvets, Silks and various papers.

The Cotton Velvet and Silk Velvet gave the most luxurious colours.

The blues came out in different shades on different fabrics. This is an assortment of Velvets, Silks and Cottons - Muslin & Scrim.

It’s the same with the greens. Again, Velvets, Silks and Cottons - Muslin & Scrim.

I even dyed some paper towels.

Not sure what exactly I did ‘wrong’ when I dyed the tissue paper, but I like the effect anyway. No doubt I wouldn’t be able to achieve this again!

I also dyed some handmade paper made from recycled denim jeans. The background layer is the original paper, on the left it has been dipped in the Indigo Blue dye and on the right, in the Bottle Green Dye.

This piece of denim paper was concertina folded and tied at each end then one end dipped in green and the other in blue.

Some of the fabrics are a bit 'patchy', probably because I put too much fabric in the dyebath at one time. Strangely enough though I like them like this as I prefer my hand-dyed fabrics to look 'hand-dyed', to a certain extent, quite possibly why I have a passion for space dyed fibres. If I wanted a solid block of colour I would be inclined to go and buy fabric in the shade I required.


Sue B said...

Fabulous! Gorgeous colors. I like that uneven patchy handdyed look too. I find myself buying less and less solids at the fabric store because they seem so flat compared the hand dyed.

Susan D said...

I love your dyed fabrics. Where do you get your fabrics, locally or mail order. I hope that is one of the things I'll get to learn on C & G.

StegArt said...

Wow everything is gorgeous. You were busy with all that dying.

Joanna van said...

I'm curious where you get your velvet from. It's so beautiful. If you are interested in a trade for some hand dyed silk for velvet...let me know.

Love it!

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely, Lynda!
I like this indigo blue dye. I've got some too.

Dianne said...

You have been busy!! Love the velvets, and what beautiful colours.

Micki said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Lynda. Both of the colors are truly wonderful.

Doreen G said...

I love what you have achieved here and I agree-if you want solid dyed fabric you buy it.Our creative group at the local Embroiderers Guild are having a dyeing day the next time we meet so after seeing yours I can't wait.

Kim said...

Busy, busy - love the blue & green.