Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wanna share!

Blogger is not letting me upload any photos or put in any links today. I hope this is not just on my blog!

I got this from artmixters blog.( I so wanted a piece of her art that now I have to play the game too!

So if you want to play along, read this and you will get a piece of art from me, but you must follow the instructions. The first five people to respond to this in the comments section will receive a piece of artwork from me BUT in addition to the comments you have to post this same blurb to your blog too and continue sharing the art with people who respond to you.

There artmixter I've done it!!!


sue b said...

oohh me me, pick me! Would love to have a piece of your art. I posted my arty meme a week ago on my blog.

MargaretR said...

I'm not sure I should be doing this as I'm off on holiday next week and then Christmas is upon us. But I suppose I can do it in my own time can't I? So please can I be considered too?

Anna Nowicki said...

I've also already played the game but I would really love a piece of your work. Please add me to your list. I too have been having trouble with blogger (I use the beta version) but I can't get rid of the spanner icons!! and I can't change my heading. all the best and good luck with the game!! Anna Nowicki

Susan D said...

This will be my first art exchange so Yes please!

emmyschoonbeek said...

WEl baybe a little late but I like to have some art from you
so please yes

Susan D said...

Just tried e-mailing you but blogger wouldn't let me. I've put a link to my e-mail on my website but don't know if works.