Friday, December 08, 2006

Transfer Printing

Using photographs of my ink and bleach samples, I have been experimenting with T Shirt Transfer Paper.

This is the original close up photograph.

I put it into Adobe Photoshop and used the Chalk and Charcoal filter.
I wanted to work in shades of black and white for two reasons. Firstly, I still have not yet completed my colour study for module 1 and secondly I have been very impressed by the work on the blog of a member of the City and Guilds Yahoo group – Fiona – whose black and white work can be seen on her Flickr pages.

This picture shows after the filter has been applied.

I then printed it onto DECAdry T Shirt Transfer Paper...

… and ironed it onto calico as per the instructions.

I decided to pin tuck this piece using a black rayon thread on top and in the bobbin.
This proved to be quite difficult. The transfer from this particular paper is very heavy and shiny. It reminds me of P.V.C.
A large needle was used in the machine to go through the fabric easily but this in turn made holes where the needle entered the top layer. I used a long stitch but had to gently pull the fabric through the machine or it tended to get stuck in one place.

The piece was stitched across the pin tucks in opposite directions.

These samples were placed on top of a light box to see the effect when photographed.

Can you see the ghostly faces in these close ups?

Although this piece is unfinished, I will not work it any further. The transfer is not quite what I wanted. I am now going to experiment with other brands of transfer paper.


sue b said...

This is very cool! I haven't worked much with the transfer paper and your post is making me think about it in a new light. It's not just for t-shirts!

Fiona said...

love it! I like the look of the stray black thread of the tucks against the 'bleach' effect. I bought a packet of transfer paper from Tesco during summer for another project. need to get it out and start experimenting! thanks for the inspiration.